I am going into 6th grade and I have like 7 full witch books and a book of shadows, but don’t be frightened I don’t do black magic, that is worshiping the devil. there is white, grey, and black magic. My sister says I should stop but she was a witch, and her witch craft works! she did a love spell and the boy wouldn’t stop talking to her for that week, it is grey magic I think it is because you can’t mess with free will. she is always saying that I should stop, and I can’t I love it, but I am not a witch because I havn’t started my period yet, so I am just studying right now, but what I am afraid of is that I might do a love spell and you shouldn’t do grey or black magic. I don’t know what to do!!! HELP!
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But you guys my sister is evil she doesn’t know what she is talking about and I am very knowlegdeable about the subject!


  1. What is a 12 year old doing here?
    I just looked at your site – maybe instead of witchcraft, you should be worrying about your spelling. It was horrible. Every other word on that page was spelled wrong.

  2. If you study Witchcraft then you would know that a love spell is black magic.
    To cast a spell on anyone anywhere that would force them to fall in love with you or anyone else infringes upon their will and does harm to them. Thus falling into the black realm of spell casting.
    I hope you will set your sister straight.

  3. You have it all wrong!
    Whatever books you have been reading are filling your head with crap.
    1) Magic has no color, magic is neither good nor Bad, magic is both because nature is both, loving and cruel.
    The outcome of a spell (for good or bad) is in the intent of the witch.
    2) you DON’T have to have reached your period to be a witch, you can use magick now if you want.
    3) Love spells only open someones heart to love, it does not attract someone to you.

  4. The power behind all witchcraft is the same no matter what the label. Your sister has probably found out the source of this power and is trying to save you from it.
    I’ve been counseling people for many years now. The best source to find out for yourself is a book by Kurt Koch called Occult ABC.
    The dangers in witchcraft are very real.

  5. Little one, to begin with, you may want to seek other counsel than this forum. Continue asking questions of your sister, since she’s experienced in the studies. If it suits you, then it’s your right to pursue knowledge of your faith. If it doesn’t, then you’ll walk away with a better understanding of a belief system held by many. (In the event that this is a ruse begun by some sick mind… this is beyond reprehensible. I truly hope it isn’t.)

  6. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders but think you need to study a little more. Having your period has nothing to do with it as some of us were literally born into it and were considered witches as soon as we decided to continue to follow that path. I have been a practicing witch for around 40 years. By practicing I mean actively casting spells and working herbal magick.
    What another said is very true, witchcraft has no colours, it is all in the intent of the witch. If I had to claim a colour it would either be Yellow (for divination) or Green (for healing).
    Your sister learned a lesson the hard way, do not make the same mistake! If you feel the need to impress someone, do it by making changes to yourself, NEVER mess with the free will of others. There are spells and even herbal concoctions to make you more desirable. But the best thing you can do is just be yourself. True love will come in time, don’t rush it.
    Which books do you have? If Ravenwolf is one, throw it out! It is my opinion that she is the Goddess of Fluffy Bunnies! I am hoping that at least one of your books is by Scott Cunningham. Especially “Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner”. If not, please get it.
    I am impressed that you are keeping a book of shadows, many witches I know still do not keep one.
    I do not know of anyone here (except perhaps the children or very immature people who frequent Y/A) that would be frightened by you.
    But what exactly is your question? Is it bad? No. What is it that you don’t know what to do?
    My advice is simple. First of all, keep up with your school work because even witches need good educations. Second, keep learning about your path. If you decided to do some spell work keep it simple. Give yourself a wall of protection. Make the flowers in the garden grow bigger and healthier. Don’t do anything just to try to impress or frighten people, because so often it will backfire. Maybe your sister is afraid you will make the same mistakes she has made, just be mindful of what you do. Remember, in general we work WITH nature, not dictate to her!

  7. Magic isn’t bad and it’s colorless. Only the intent of the caster determines whether the spellwork is positive or negative. The magic itself is neither positive nor negative. Your mentor should have taught you that.
    Seven books is a good start, depending on the quality of the books. There are many different systems of magic—which one are you studying? Hermetic, Chaos, folk magic? Or something else? What system of magic requires that a female start their period for spellwork to be successful? I’ve never heard of this before.
    If you don’t want to do love spells, then don’t do them. Unless your magical tradition requires love spells, I don’t see that you need to even consider it.
    Please share what books you’ve been reading so we know more about the kinds of things you’ve been learning.

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