Witch like cries in the woods at night?

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when I camp out with my mates in the woods, kate at night around the fire we hear these unhuman screeches far away. It’s so bloody scary. Its like a bursts of screaming every 20 seconds and we get really creeped out. We think maybe it could be a bird but its such a scary screech, sounds like an old hag? Does anyone know any birds in england that could make this noise? We only ever hear it in these woods never anywhere else.? Anyone had any experiences or does anyone know what I mean?

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It could be foxes. They can sound very human; kind of like a screaming baby. There is woodland behind my house, and when we first moved here it scared me shitless. I thought somebody was getting murdered in the woods or something, heh.

Tom S

My guess would be some kind of owl.


its most likely to be a fox


either a rapist is raping ppl there or its a fox. i would say fox. =)


mountain lions sound kinda like that. So do coyotes and foxes, but not as much as mountain lions.


Peacocks have been known to cry at night and it is a blood curdling sound, unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. Witch like cries, unhuman screeches, bursts of screaming are apt descriptions of a peacock’s call.
PS ~ There are local wild populations in England.


When an animal gets caught and killed they sound very much like a human scream. It sounds like a banshee in the woods.


A lot of animals sound like that. Fox, Coyote, Owls, Mnt Lions…. even domestic cats will do that when they are mating.


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