Home Discussion Forum Witch is better Chakra or Spiritual Pressure?

Witch is better Chakra or Spiritual Pressure?


  1. Well they are two different levels…
    Chakra is the energy that you create and use doing anything. (Alive)
    Spiritual Pressure is the energy that your spirit forms. (Death)
    But, anyway, spiritual pressure is better, because you do not have to focus it to control it.

  2. Well Rukia said As long as you have Reitsu as High as a Shinigamis you cant be seen by the Human Eye. So Say ichigo is to go to Konoha nobody would see him, That sounds pretty cool. Someone could Finally Hit Tsunade and get away with it!.*Without Geting his Brain, Skull and spinal cord Rearranged*

  3. I have no idea what spiritual pressure is. Chakra’s are whilring energy centers in the body that play a big part in our emotional and physical health.
    I don’t know why so many people think they have “to do” something with their body energy. It just is…In the case of Chakra’s they can become clogged or closed and have to be opened, but other than that, there is nothing that has to be done with them.
    The healthier you are physically and spiritually, the stronger your energy will be. So take care of all aspects of yourself.


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