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witch in red? what does she mean?

i had a dream that a witch came to me and asked me to kill people for her. but she wasn’t the old hag with black hair and green skin. she was pale, with reddish brown hair and wore all red. what does this mean? i heard something about dreaming of witches in red means your a witch. is that true? and if so does this mean that im like… a killer? can i get some help? i have more dreams about witches in red too.
im not trying to offend anyone. i have been blamed for practicing wiccan. im just asking and breaking it down for people who dont know that witches dont have green skin and nasty black hair. i know other witches lol. sorry if i offended.


  • I had a dream a month ago where I was followed or chased by another witch. In the dream I was told by another that I was a red witch. In this dream it was me but wasn’t me. I was dressed in a rosy color. The red jewels on my wrist sunk into my skin. My tiara as well. What does this mean? In other dreams I’ve rescued witch Cohen’s and bern chased.

  • I had the same dream I’m 13 yrs old but she didn’t tell me to kill and her clothes we r like darkish red but all over her body she looked like she was 30

  • I beg your pardon….I am not an old hag with black hair and green skin.

    Witch only equates to “killer” in the Bible.

    You are only a witch if you make a conscious choice to learn and practice witchcraft.

    Your dreams are not literal….they are your subconscious mind’s way of sorting out information, thoughts and feelings and such that your conscious mind can’t completely process during the day.

    Perhaps it is the color you should be focusing on – what does the color red say to you….first thing that comes to my mind is it being the color of a stop sign, so it may be indicating something you’re going through that is dangerous….but then, with Valentine’s day having just passed, red heart boxes of candy all over the place – red could be indicating something you love or are passionate about. Only you are going to be able to figure this out….since we don’t live your life inside of your head.

    • I just wanted to tell you I couldn’t agree more with you, I just find it difficult to find people with the same thoughts as me and opions and views I have on things. You reminded me of myself answering that question,

  • The symbolism behind witches is interesting. Women are lifegivers, and yet we traditionally associate witches with the Christian interpretation of them, as harbingers of death and disease and curse and plight. Are you feeling isolated IRL? Like an outcast? Perhaps this highly demonized version of yourself is asking you to cast aside your value of the opinions of others.

  • don’t worry it was just a dream. Witches aren’t real and your dream never happened so it cant hurt you.

    Sweet Dreams! (:

  • witches dressed in red symbolize passion or love. the fact that she wants you to kill someone means that you have a toxic relationship and ties must be severed.

  • No – you are not a witch, you clearly dont even understand what one is.
    Not killers
    not evil

    It means it was a dream

    That’s it

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