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Witch Hunting in dream?

I had a dream on Sunday night that I’ve been having repetitively since.
It was Stuart England and men were chasing this old woman down the street yelling “Burn the Witch!” I was sat on the side in a stable with a brown horse. It was being groomed by a self-grooming brush. The brush was moving by itself. Was this a Past Life Regression?


  1. Uh, no. The witch burnings in England and other places were traced to a specific kind of mold infection in rye that causes hallucinations in those who eat the bread made from the rye later. So it was during these periods of mass hallucination that people were accused of witchcraft and burned. Other burnings were due to religious differences – mostly witches were drowned or be-headed, rather than being burned.
    But this dream was about a fear in your subconscious that if you do have talents or skills that are better than your peers, it will be held against you socially.

  2. i dont think it was past life although i believe in that. this is a case where it helps to have more info on what is happening with you. im curious as to why stuart england. when you have repetitive dreams its usually about unresolved issues. i would ask if you have been more focussed on habit and yourself when there are things like witch burnings going on in the background. it could mean that you think you are being to passive while others are taking the heat

  3. You feel very lonely and you are often sad ; but your dream indicates that you will meet someone who would bring you lots of joy


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