Winning a Raffle through Silent Wishing – Magick?

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I’ve won a number of first/second prizes in live raffles by repeatedly saying my name over and over in my head, right before the draw.
Is this magick? I do not belong / subscribe to any magickal “tradition” nor use any kind of ritual.

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Yes, because nobody else EVER buys a raffle ticket and hopes to themselves that they’ll win. You’re special.


this is called luck or chance, sorry


I wonder if they use a special “K” to make magic magick.

Bubbha Jo

If you repeated your name in order to win something, you used a ritual. Why are you denying you did?
It worked because of the traits of creative visualization. We all have them. There’s some that can do that without trying, which is not always a good thing. You learn to watch your thoughts very carefully.


You are lucky!What you have there is a very rare gift that few people posses!You are so lucky to have it!Just don`t rely on it when it comes to gambling big things such as you life!Other wise,you`re a lucky girl!


It’s called coincidence. A lot of people at those raffles were probably doing the same exact thing you were, yet they did not win. Were you better, quicker, or just luckier than the rest.


Get half a dozen of your friends to do the same thing.
You’ll break the world record…
Six or seven first prize winners in every lottery you enter!
Now that’s “Magick”.

Enchanted Gypsy

It is called simple visualization, and you do not need to belong to any group or subscribe to any traditions for it to work. Just be aware that while it may work on smaller things it probably won’t work on larger things (like a new car or a large sum of money). Visualization is one of the first things I suggest for people who come to me wanting to learn spell work. Especially since I know it has nothing to do with true witchcraft.


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