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Will you raise woman to her rightful place as Goddess Kundalini Shakti?

And women will you allow yourself to enlighten mankind, to remember and be what you are?
In Tantra Yoga, the way I practice the female is Goddess, to be raised to her rightful place for she is the bringer of light, of enlightenment.


  • Will you raise woman to her rightful place as Goddess Kundalini Shakti?

    Will We? This Celebration….takes two as I see this! Wisdom tells me so! Two working within the framework of loves equity whereby no inequity exists. (equality) For one who aspires to be whole both must be “equal to do!” And this has much to do with…”Reading her Male!” Here’s some dilemmas….Sadly for some men (not you) this mainly amounts to the fullfillment of sex only, but for women this Sacredness and this fullfillment has so much more to do with deeply committed love which touches and encompasses all of her. Her needs must be met, emotionally, spiritually and physically for the real manifestation of her essence to appear and immerge…and oh how they “glow as one” illuminations, those thousands of particles of light radiate everywhere, filling the air with flames which burn into eternity! Both fulfilling one another, in the most tender of loves, laying in softness in full trusting intimacy as harmonious love is felt at all levels whereby the greatest degrees of love are created . This kind of love has a difference, and goes way deep, beyond that infatuational stage and continues beyond the feast. Liken this to a “Welcoming one another home’ ~ with the truest sense of who we are, after a long long journey of searching for a home. Can we know who we are without knowing our other half? I wonder and this is why I have included the male side of this in my answer ~ how wonderfully we were made, separated but meant to be joined as one in celebrations’ beyond measure! This is the mystery and beauty of it all. This kind of unity speaks of being one in the flesh, and one in the Spirit at all times. Joined! The sacredness of this kind of joining to me speaks of an everlasting love. This love, ‘evenly’ flowing goes beyond the norm and words fail to describe this…you just know this kind of connection is so very real as every cell in you expresses it and your Spirit testifies to this! It happens on such a higher level between two merging people who are connected in mind, heart and body, as our very life energies met our Sprits are joined in Oneness….this kind of transmission flows in perfect harmony creating such a connection when we abandon selfishness and ego… these are some fundamental issues! Smile! The Feminine summons us to rise! Some how I am responding from the answers I read above and wrestle within…And Patrick I know you understand my commuications for I make them understandable. Just what is the template here dear one? Who has taught any of us how to be this Goddess you speak of? We women are divinely made this is obvious! Overcoming those traditional and seemingly inborn legacies from our parents and conditioned weakness which always try to rob us? Both male and female! Separated …and beautiful trying to attain the original state! Liberation takes two and arrives with a cost! As we were created for two to be one! So how does one rise without the other into magnificence? What is the cost for men, for woman to discover their God given identities?
    This much I know, is that our men need to be around healthy femininity~ women who are strong and unashamedly feminine! And how we want our men to meet us, in strength and tenderness as well! Full of silent knowing just what we need to endure! Giving us encouraging words, demonstrations too! Guiding us with loving reassurances when we feel weak and the blues…loving words and soft carress to our hearts and souls. One fulfulling the other,in degrees and intensities of working love. Love which is enduring and with continual risings! She and He tangled within these cords of love ~ bonding with blissful illuminations as radiant as you want them to be! No limits! Ropes of togetherness bonding our hearts, minds, souls and Spirit forming strength in union!
    Woman are gifts to men! And men, sweet men, oh how we love them too! The wonders of this…mothers, friends, lovers and wives. A woman has the capacity to shape a man in his very own flesh as well as to touch and inspire his Spirit! If permissions are granted! These unions are sacred…and a Woman’s place is high! She wants to burst forth with life giving waters…and be his delight! Showering bliss upon bliss his way! Her name on his lips, her breathe being his, and his hers’ lending … life!
    And by our very gifts of femininity we bring forth gifts which summon men’s potential! The first is a strong counter image of healthy femininity. The second is to give a man a reason to attain full manliness….to cause him to rise, above that which hinders him…to help him in love to see his value and worth. To establish and root him in our love…and finally to see the connection happening as it was meant to be not in some distortion, or one that is short circuited but one with even flows …grounded deeply in loving energy! And one that lasts! Who knows….into eternity perhaps…

    My encouragement, encourages manliness which means to strengthen men in all ways, helping men to achieve and maintain. What encourages our sons or men more than having an inspiring strong yet feminine soulmate or mother who believe in them? Believing in someone is such a creative life force beginning in Motherhood,and shaped too by those men (fathers) who love well. This belief creates faith and prepares those men She loves ~ stamping upon them a powerful message deeply felt within their heart of hearts…one which pronounces and proclaims ~ they indeed are worthy! And He in joy, grants his love in eagerness, welcoming arms as he gather’s her in! Giving her love’s embrace all the way, with all that He possesses,as she in turn offers her all. The men we love…so many important messages are implanted as well … in our sons whose identity is not only strengthen but established as well. Benefiting his health of mind, heart and soul! Seeing his Spirit glow! Most importantly to us as well is seeing the wondrous ways we give unique blessings to our men, feeling their responses of love! Our powers which lay in our love…that which ascends in both beauty and strength of character.WE as ONE create these divine messages! It is awesome to be a Woman with her identity thriving with a Man who surrenders as she stimulates and vice versa! It is awesome to merge in agreements… both granting permissions…
    Knowing when and how to step back, how to be gentle, how to be mans helpmate. Knowing what to do when he does nothing…knowing when to hold off, letting the void be felt!
    Wow , THIS IS DEEP…WORKing IN THE VOID in togetherness?
    Some how this question is difficult to answer..so much to address, but not knowing how under this wording…perhaps ..you will encourage..for this raises hard questions…it may be the hardest thing you ever have done or will do ….to paint others with the brushes of an artist, knowing which colors to choose…I ask what is the template for a reason! What will be the catalyst for us to see all that needs to be seen here? I wrestle with this question….in love in these tides….I haven’t even touched on our daughters, those dear ones rising up! Discovering their templates and models…so much I wrestle with at times in troubled,restless and storming seas….She will rise as men rise this much I know, singing sweetly her songs in Powerful Celebrations with tendernesses with an eternal voice which begats loving kindnesses and this kind of union is sacred love ~ a marriage takes place! Love endures and presses forward and runs its race! Always …..Lovingly
    She Dances With Love…
    Kar~n ~Joy ~c
    thanks a bushel and a bunch…(((hugs))))

  • Strange…. I tend to see it the other way around…I understand that these are the classical mythological genders but I have come to see Kundalini as decidely masculine. I mean considering that Kundalini must be “raised” (much like a “lingam”) into the chakras…then the chakras are necessarily “yonis” or the passive receptacles to that decidely “phallic” idea.

    But yes aside from that confusion we MUST recognize the feminine and masculine as equal forces without whom which nothing could ever manifest.

    “3. In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found. ” – Liber Al vel Legis, Chapter 2

    “29. For I am divided for love’s sake, for the chance of union.” – Liber Al vel Legis, Chapter 1

  • Will you raise woman to her rightful place as Goddess Kundalini Shakti?

    Ha !!! the question should have been
    Will woman raise you to your rightful place as shiva ??

    It is always a lady’s choice… specially in kundalini yoga.. and remember in Tantra it is the shakti which is supreme…shiva is inactive… and is brought to shiva-hood by shakati….

  • Some call her Holy Spirit.

    Zen master says, “Never believe a single woman is not enlightened.”

    Many people there are to test us.

  • I can’t hear on my computer.
    This is a very good question because so many people are deluded into thinking that god is a male. When males don’t give birth. Now I also believe that our creator has male aspects and if you don’t balance the two sides in harmony….like that woman before me, you have severe issues with the growth of the soul.

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