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Will you help me stop Satanism in children's shows?

Avatar series: Satanic
Avatar: The Last Airbender is a show that had been airing on Nickelodeon for three years, from 2005 to 2008. While this show had been over for two years, it has garnered a strong amount of popularity from the population and has a very large and active to this day. With its sequel series “Avatar: The Legend of Korra” scheduled to debut in 2011, we must know of the Satanic nature of this television series and protect our children and society from it.
The story is vast and detailed, so this is only a brief synopsis. A twelve-year-old monk named Aang, who is an Airbender and the Avatar, is awakened. The Airbenders were a people who led a lifestyle very similar to that of the Tibetan Buddhists and knew how to create and control wind. All of them except Aang were decimated in a raid by the Fire Nation. Aang has already mastered the element of air, but must also move on to obtain mastery in controlling water, earth, and fire before he faces the leader of the Fire Nation, called Fire Lord Ozai, in order to bring peace and balance to the world.
As you have read in the synopsis, these characters can control the elements by their own force. Although show has tried to pass it off as harmless “bending” by having Aang say that it’s “not magic, it’s airbending” in the first episode, this does not hide the fact that the show is filled with magicians. We know from the Holy Bible that magic is a Satanic art and those who practice magic must be executed. If Aang and his buddies were in the Middle East instead of a fictional Asia-esque world, they would have been burned to death for their sorcery. Their infernal powers would not have been a match for God and His people’s justice.
But the casual usage of magic is not the worst part about the show. The whole show is diseased with elements of Buddhism and Hinduism mixed in, directly and indirectly. First of all, as said in the short synopsis, the Air Nomads have lived a very Tibetan Buddhist-like lifestyle, and Aang continues to follow their demonic traditions. Aang always emphasizes his portrayal as a worshipper of Satan (which is the correct term for a Buddhist monk) through vegetarianism, pacifism, and meditation. In one of the series, there is a character who has found his “enlightenment” by sitting under a large banyan grove tree. In another episode, there is a “guru” who gives Aang aid in “opening his chakras”. These references to Buddhism and Hinduism should be incredibly sickening to any Christian. The evil ideas of chakras and the allusion to the story of Buddha, an agent of Satan, pain me to no end. Yet the media allows this dirty show run on air without any qualms. Is this spiritual deterioration what must happen to our society?
The upcoming series, “Avatar: The Legend of Korra”, is just as bad. This focuses on a female Avatar named Korra who fights in a place called “Republic City”. We have a female character doing what men should be doing; while this is not a promotion of sexism, women and men have their set places by God. The show is trying to breach that sacred boundary by having a female character enter wars, instead of doing her womanly duties of taking care of the family. While females battling was seen abundantly in the first series, the fact that this out-of-place, misguided female is set as the main character shows that the show is all Satan’s ploy to mock and overturn Christian values. If Nickelodeon is allowing such smut to be shown in their network, why don’t they show child porn instead?
I must confess that before my realization of the Satanic nature of the Avatar series, I had enjoyed it as well. Luckily Christ has opened my eyes to the truth. Knowing the truth, I cannot sit and allow this show to overrun our children’s minds with Satanic messages in the guise of seemingly benign ideas.
We, as Christians, must fight this show. We cannot rest until this show is completely off the air and further production of it is stopped.


  1. Are you serious? Avatar is an AMAZING show. Much better then most crap on t.v now a days and it has a GREAT message. It teaches peace, love, understanding, kindness and acceptance of oneself and of others. If you want to complain about an immoral show, go watch Jersey Shore or something.

  2. why fight it, when you can bask in it’s awesomeness?
    why focus all your attention on this innocent kids series when you have shows showing actual bad stuff for kids?
    and why must this show comply to Christian values?

  3. the elemental bending techniques are based off of asian forms of martial arts.
    Buddhists are not evil, they live a more free and loving life than christians do.
    they are promoting love and peace by fighting off agents of war.
    women are independent and have a place in our society, not robots that are supposed to obey every order without question or second thought.
    now go back to your church where you belong you dumb bitch.

    • To start, she’s not a dumb bitch. You mindless being, she is
      Actually trying to help you out so Satan doesn’t
      Keep blinding you with his lies, because it would be a shame
      For you to die and on judgement day be found guilty for believing in lies instead of believing in one god and one and only son of god JESUS CHRIST. If someone is telling you this then that means that our heavenly father loves you that much to still send someone with knowledge to warn you of satans lies brother. So I only have one last thing to say bro believe by faith and not by sight and surrender yourself to god by confessing that Jesus is the only savior and that way the lord will look in favor to you. For the lord says I am with you not against you. HOW can the CREATER be against his own CREATION!!! May the holy spirit be with so that you may understand what I said. God bless you

  4. Sir, I am completely embaressed to share any sort of religious ideals with someone of such intolerance and ignorance, the fact that you take a CHILDREN’s television program to such ignorant and intolerant leels is simply apalling, please, for the sake of humanity and your own sanity, please learn that although some people may beilieve differant then you, does not justify the blantent idocy you have displayed in this article.

  5. Hahahaha, oh sir, you are a genius among other trolls. Good job, and carry on with your trolley ways. May others be stuped by your splender in prejudice.

  6. What tragic thinking you have. Now wonder your church goers are in decline. Excuse me for a second, I’m no staunch christian, but there have been females thoughout history that have carried the christian faith as their own. I bet Joan of Arc will be turning in her grave, to how twisted the Christian faithful have become, from not only the fear of women and placing them in positions of power, but anything that is slightly outside of their thinking. So much for being open and accepting of others, like supposedly Jesus was.
    Yes, of course magic and anything you don’t understand is satanic. The christian armies, have said the same things about many things in life they can’t explain, or are unwilling to digest. And, hey, Jesus never performed magic, did he? I also seriously doubt that the so called satanic faith of Buddhism/Hinduism has anywhere near as much blood on its hands, as that of Christianity.
    Avatar is indeed a fine tv show, that keeps kids and adults entertained, and with so much crap on tv, its a blessing. Legend of Korra, follows in that positive mold, in an age where few american based animated shows, have trouble finding an audience.

  7. I am Christian and I love this show, I also love Jesus very much. And, watching this show has not changed my way of thinking at all.

  8. I’m a Christian and I love this show, I also love Jesus very much. And, watching this show has not changed my way of thinking at all.

  9. First off, let me say I am a Wiccan. A friend( if you can call them that) suggested I read this. I must say, I am utterly disgusted. I was once a Baptist, but I moved on to a different faith. I have no problem with Christians usually. But one of the few times I have a problem with it is when you try to force everyone to be Christian. And, worse than that, you stated all who practice magic should be executed. Really? Are you serious? You would kill me, just cause I practice something different than you? Well guess what. I don’t care. You can try to kill me, but I’m convinced your god is powerless. Well, Merry Samhain!

  10. OMG ITS A SHOW. first of all, its a show, second. I haven’t seen a do one bad demonic thing in the whole series! (I’m a fan myself) the show is about a kid saving the world. I’m a very religious person, but cmon. Do u seriously think some idiot like you could possibly stop an awesome show like this!? And when you said stuf about the buddist part, ITS A RELGION! STOP JUDJING RELIGION!
    I’M a christian as well, but trying to stop a tv show s too much, and from all this information you have, seems like you watch it….hmmmm.


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