Will yoga help me cope with life while my husband is delpoyed?

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My husband has just deployed to the middle east. I have 4 children and a home I am totally responsible for while he is away. Now that reality has hit and I’m alone. I feel “unbalanced” I constently feel as if I’m gonna be sick. I feel anxious, but I really don’t want to go and do anything. I am tense. Can yoga help me relax and get back on track so I can focus on my children and life while my husband is away?

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It should. Yoga focuses on both the mind and body unlike many other exercise routines. It includes breathing exercises and some meditation; both are helpful for battling stress.
I’d also suggest physical activity in general since it helps with battling stress (per my health care provider).


Yes, yoga can do that. It is great for releasing tension and anxiety. By focusing on the body and the breath the mind gets a break and regains the ability to think clearly. Don’t expect miracles though, you are not going to ‘get’ it 10 minutes into your first class. If you’ve never done yoga before it is going to take a few classes to figure out what goes where and after that it gets easier to get the full mental benefits.
My advice would be to maybe try out a few different classes to find one that appeals to you, with a teacher that makes you feel good. Then start going about 3 times a week. The calming effect of yoga won’t last all week, so doing it frequently will keep you on a more even keel. And face it girl, with so many responsibilities it is crucial that you carve out some time for yourself to preserve your sanity! The better care you take of yourself, physically and mentally (and fortunately, yoga will do both in one fell swoop), the better you can take care of others.


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