Will we ever live as another human being in the future, scientifically speaking? (NOT reincarnation)?





Because everything and everyone is somehow “recycled” in this world. We live, we die and we get recycled so that life continues.
Will we ever become another “cell” or another sperm or ovum?


  1. scientifically thinking, no, the main components are created by an individual, not taken into the body like food or air, its created inside of us. Cells not likely because when we die our cells die with us, thus we decompose and our bodies are left for the earth.

  2. You’re question doesn’t make sense. If its not reincarnation how can we live again?
    Most dead bodies are cremated or buried, so I can’t see how that could be considered as recycling at all. Our dead bodies may fertilize the soil to a certain degree, but without that brain activity that person is gone.
    And yes all the living cells will decay as they are no longer functioning.

  3. No. But parts of you will eventually become parts of another human being. Actually that can already happen during your own life time.

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