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Will Time travel be possible someday in the near future? Can we travel faster than the speed of light someday?

People in the 19th century stopped issuing out patents because they believed everything that is to be invented had been invented, and look at us today with knowledge in technology increasing daily. It’s hard to believe that we can’t time travel soon, or even travel faster than the speed of light in less than a hundred years.
Like they said, the world was flat over 500 years ago, look at us know.

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  1. Time travel may be possible, as we don’t know much about how time works yet.
    To travel the speed of light, we would need to enter a parrallel dimension, as it is impossible in this one.

  2. Many quantum fields theorists hypothesize alternate realities…..so I suppose anything is possible…even something faster than the speed of light.

  3. I don’t think that will be possible. Because if it was, we would have some visitors from the future. Anyone faced a time traveller so far? 🙂
    But, I think watching the past will be possible. Not travelling.

  4. Absolutely not, sorry to burst your bubble. The most fundamental laws of physics prohibit the any wave, particle, or piece of information from traveling faster than the speed of light. Also, as for time travel your dreaming not one of the many theories that have been presented can show any promise on the subject. Space-Time can warp and shift, but it cannot turn around. If you really want hope there is a little under the advanced laws of relativity and quantum mechanics every situation that happens is destined to repeat itself. (Unless the universe dies before it can.)

  5. if that was so then we would already be in a loop, and time will never end. because someone would have invented it already and would be flipping the clock back all the time. like hitting the snooze button only a million or so years ahead.. lol
    yes i believe advanced civilizations or alien people have already accomplished this,, and have travels through space and have already been here thousands of years ago,, that is partly how we got here,, i believe that science and religion are one,, God created life and everything in the universe,, but that;s how early man got here, that’s who adam and eve were,, aliens from a different planet.
    and yes if someone from the future was here they wouldn’t, tell you, they can’t or the the space time continueum would be distrupted,, and you would just go wacky,, like going poo in the toilet only weirder, like your mother,, who is very filthy and sluttish, lol

  6. Conscious minds are prohibited from traveling to other physical dimensions without paying a price. The reason is there is no way to reconstruct memories from dendrites, let alone dna strands, by using particle transmission. Assuming that could be solved, a deeper philosophical question creeps up. Is the soul a necessary dynamic?

  7. I believe that it is possible to travel in time in fact space men are doing it right know scientist believe the faster you go the slower time is but its about only 10000 of a second traveled forward in time be a space man but if we mange to find a way to travel at the speed of light then that might be around a week traveled in time the farther you go away from the earth and when you come back you would be younger then you were before by a week anther way is if you travel around a black hole. since black holes cause rips in space time it might cause some disruption in time. but sadly i can only think of one way to move faster then the speed of light . the way is by not moving but by bringing you destination to you using a mysterious force known as dark matter. instead of falling down dark matter falls up so if you could some how get enough dark matter you could some how have space time tale you to the place you want to go by squeezing space in front of you ind stretching it in back of you taking you to another world or galaxy. but that’s just my theory.


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