Will throwing Chinese Feng shui from my house cause any harm to me or my family?

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My Sister had place some chinese Feng shui items at home. Now she has moved out. I want to know if i remove these items and throw them, will it cause any bad luck or harm to me or my family. Items like bells, pyramid’ etc are placed. Anyone has any idea ?

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OMG Dont throw them …

Joyce B

Send then to your sister. Donate to Goodwill. Like voodoo, it is only bad luck if you believe in it.


Of course not. If someone told you that it brings better luck to give away those items (and you believed and trusted them) you would find your self noticing that it’s true because you will focus on only those things you find good to be happening. You would be looking for good things to prove that “it IS good luck to give feng shui items away.” What ever you focus on and put your mental (or physical) energy into, it expands. This is true with all areas of your life.
Don’t worry about it. IF something should happen, it had nothing to do with the feng shui items being given away.


put if all in the garbage nothing will happen but you being happy.


These are nothing but simple objects probably created in political prisoner labor camps in the Communist China. Dump them, donate them, dig a hole and cover them with dirt. Who cares.


In Chinese`s opinion, if you believe in Feng Shui, it does, or it does not.
But you should send them to your sister if you want to remove them.
By the way, I am a Chinese.


no. Some of the Feng Shui rules are generally apply for everybody, i.e. never buy a house that is sitting at the end of the T road; you can see a stairs toward you once you open the front door…etc. But most Feng Shui items are specifically for individual. For example, placing a fish tank at the east side of your house might add benefit to you but it doesn’t apply to your sister etc. The position of these Feng Shui items are based on the time you were born + the house itself. Every combination of individuals and houses are always different. Therefore, throwing away these items will not affect you. But I’ll suggest you just return to your sister. Her energy is on these items, it’s her responsibility to throw them away or keep them.


Feng Shui and the items it uses is there to enhance your home and your life – definitely not to bring bad luck and removing them will not cause you or your family any harm. Like the other answerers here, the best thing would be to pack all of it up and either send it or drop it off at your sister’s new place. That would be good energy!


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