Will the worlds great Historical architecture, Monuments and great art survive 2012 world Ascension?






I would like to address some concerns about Ascension that have not been address. As a Antiques dealer and lover of history. Will the worlds great Historical architecture, Monuments and great art survive 2012 world Ascension? After Ascension I would like to walk around Great world city’s like Paris enjoying it wonderful architecture, monuments & art.


  1. I think that they will because most historical architecture seem to always last. Its certain people Im afraid that won’t make it. O well! Peace

  2. Speculation about the future – particular in regard to fringe theories without any real evidence to support them – has nothing to do with History, which deals with the past.

  3. No rational person thinks the world will end in 2012 (you can call it “ascension” but you mean destruction).
    And since none of the claims about the end of the world in 2012 (or anytime in the next few billion years) have any scientific validity, all the historical monuments and art are quite safe.

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