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Will the physical world end?

The bible tells us at the end of revelation, “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth , for the first heaven and earth had passed away”. Yet science has proven that the earth is moving closer to the sun every year. This will mean certain doom for our planet ( Hence the term fire and brimstone in the bible). I always wondered which is it. The new earth I take it means a spiritual awakening of mankind and a new beginning.


  1. the earth will eventually become as dead as the moon the sun will burn out in about 300 million years, and some time before that the sun will expand and get very hot, then it will condense and get cold, then burn out or blow up and become a black hole. yes the planet is doomed. and all that bible junk wont mean anything anymore, its just a pack of tales with a little history mixed in to rule society.

  2. The earth we now live on will be destroyed along with all sin and Satan. The heavens as we now know them will also be destroyed. And a new earth will appear and this new earth will be heaven, and it will be called the New Jerusalem and will be God’s Kingdom

  3. The planet Earth will be swallowed by the sun when it expands in about 4 billion years. But the earth dosen’t move substantially toward the earth.

  4. Its in the bible n quran that the world is going to end. well these unbelievers wont believe. surely the world ends and judgement day will be established by the lord of the worlds to do justice. there we may get heaven / hell as per our deeds. so beware of doing bad deeds n ask forgiveness to thy lord.

  5. ron,
    Well one thing that won’t be in New Earth is death. That’s a good start!
    Also I think that disease and wars will be suspiciously absent, good, good.
    The things that puzzle me are the angels on the walls standing guard; that’s a mystery!
    And the gates that never close. It’s as if God wants reminders or symbols of the past there, I don’t know.
    But it will be a great place. What are the gates open for and what’s on the other side of the gates? And it’s a 1400 x 1400 x 1400 mile city!

  6. The Bible says the earth will stand to times indefinite and man will always and forever be on the earth. The new earth refers to a new people with a righteous standing before God, hence the righteous shall inherit the earth and reside upon it forever. Psalms 37:29

  7. I believe it means that the universe will be reformed. Sin did not just cause spiritual death in man, but warped all of creation. God will make it perfect again. I suspect that He has already done this once, in that in Gen. 1: 5 or somewhere around there…don’t have my Bible handy, it uses the word formed instead of created for earth and there are indications that angels inhabited this world earlier and were bannished.

  8. The physical earth I believe will not end. The existence of Man as the dominant species will I believe come to an end, but I believe it will be long past our time. With regard to the damage which mankind is doing to the environment, The civil strife in the form of armed conflict, Mans violent method of dealing with differences Mankind will be responsible for it’s own demise unless drastic changes take place in how mankind deals with conflict and living in harmony within his environment. The earth in its natural form has undergone many changes one of these changes will be the demise of mankind at his own hand. The earth itself is well adept at surviving changes and I believe it will continue to do so in the future.

  9. God will preserve the planet he made for man. The things on the earth (the man-made things) will be destroyed as they were in the days of Noah. Also the ungodly men will be destroyed as they will have been given ample time to come to know God and learn to obey him.


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