Will the expected Polar Shift in 2012 open the doors to other Realities?

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Revelation, the 6th Seal. Isaiah 24, notably verse 18, KJV.
A chain reaction like. Spiritual energy exploding outward.
“Silence in Heaven for about a half hour”, the 7th Seal.
Creating an influx, backflow. Of spiritual energy from other realities then flowing back?

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Captain Bunkum

There isn’t a polar shift expected in 2012. Please quote a plausible source for this “information”
“A chain reaction like. Spiritual energy exploding outward.
“Silence in Heaven for about a half hour”, the 7th Seal.
Creating an influx, backflow. Of spiritual energy from other realities then flowing back” – try reading that back slowly and then deny it’s actually 100% pure unadulterated BULLSHlT

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Yep.. that’s the way it’s going down. And the Reptillians will come. It’s gonna be a big mess.


Pole shift, eh? That’s a new one. You do realize that Earth’s magnetosphere shifts on an almost constant basis, right? That’s why topo maps are useless when they get too old.


Not so much, no. What it WILL do is embarrass the hell out of a truckload of fanatics, conspiracy theorists and other fuzzy-headed, credulous, nincompoops when 2013 rolls around and nothing happened.

irish mafia

The expected polar shift? Better get working on that bomb shelter. You’re paranoid.


This could be the time of the end. I wouldn’t use the expression “other Realities” but the time of the end, as referred to in many places in scripture. But perhaps you were doing this to get the attention of New Agers. Several things seem to be pointing to 2012. I am also expecting the Rapture in September (Rosh Hashanah) because of the pattern of the fulfillment of the feasts (Passover, Firstfruits, Pentecost).


no, but it will bring about severe weather and enviromental changes, and for those who havent been paying attention yes the polar shift is due in 2012, the sun also has had polar shifts as well.

Darth Maul Loves Black Sabbath

There is absolutely no way whatsoever to predict when a Polar Shift will occur…none.
They happen at absolutely random intervals.
You’ve been watching too many shows about The Mayan Doomsday Prophecies on The History Channel haven’t You?

The 8th Christianity Warrior

If there is any organization in Earth Universe, there is a Heavenly Spiritual Power behind it, which was shown to John.
Jesus and his Disciples did not have the best interests of the World at stake. Jesus pomposly claimed to have been hated by the World- when he hadn’t been out of Israel, Judea, and Samaria. All the Jews were interested in was that THEIR race rule the World.
Satan told them exactly how to deprive the World of enough of The Truth to confuse us, and make it happen. It has taken 2,000 years to uncover exactly how we have been suckered.
It may be too late to do anthung to stop the Devils’ Plan.

mari athenan

The shift has been occurring gradually. Humans and other animals survived it the last time. It does cause geologic change however. The earth is a living organism and is constantly changing, but the change tends to be slow. it is a natural occurrence, but global warming may be speeding it up a bit. This is just my theory/opinion, but as a scientist there are many variables that are contributing to this.


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