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Will the Abrahamaic religions become more violent as population and education encroach on their consciousness?

Given the current activities of the christians in Iraq and Afghanistan and teh jews in Gaza, I certainly do not mean only the moslems though they are joining in entheusiastically
Poor seeker didnt understand the question again


  1. i really hope you are kidding. or only addressing Islam.
    add: RADICAL Muslims, at that.
    apparently, all it takes is a hike in college tuition to make the masses run amuck.

  2. How much more violent can the Jews , Christians and Muslims get without destroying themselves in the process . They don’t fight eavch other with swords anymore … Now they all have nuclear weapons .

  3. It has been documented that the higher the rate of education in a country, the less theism there is and the higher the standard of living.
    The US is the only example of the civilized country that contradicts this pattern but that is due to our super high rate of abuse, molestation, addiction, and mental illness that is distorting our perceptions.
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  4. The Islamic religion is already violent and getting more so as time goes by. They intend to rule the world as they have claimed very often in their speeches.
    Very soon Christians will be gone and God will be protecting the Jews in Israel. Things will get worse before they get better. No doubt about that.

  5. I have always wondered about this, this is a great question!
    Its a generational thing. Children being raised in these times will be educated properly. As people become more rational, these religions will become more fundamental and more irrational.
    I don’t like to speculate about wars, but I will say that the Abrahamaic religions will not disappear without a fight. They are religions which are war happy.

  6. NO. It is prophesied in our scriptures that we will be persecuted, punished and exterminated. Therefore, we will be the minority in order for the tribulation and antichrist to reign in that time before Jesus sets right. Terrible days those will be for us.


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