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Will someone summarize what the "Book of Life"/Akashic Records is about?

The print on this link is too small for me to read.Thanks.
I guess this is what the nun’s told us a little about…where God has a book with all our sins. I wonder if it has any of our good deeds in it… or do our sins cancel out anything good we do….or try to do? Doesn’t sound much like LOVE or FORGIVENESS.


  1. From what I gather There is suppose to be a place in the after life, where human spirits can go, kinda like a library. They go there and get answers about life experiences that they want to know but can not understand.
    Example say you want to understand what it would really feel like if god forbid your child was abducted or murdered. You can go to this library and view this event that happened to some one in their lifetime. If that’s not enough a spirit can travel to that time and watch the event unfold as it happened and feel a persons emotion to it.
    I guess you do not have to be a spirit to view the Akasic records, but can travel to it threw deep meditation.

  2. Just started learning about this, but I think I get the jist of it.( I made not have the correct vocab when getting into physics)
    Just like the electromagnetic field, gravitational field, etc., there exists another field called the Akashic field or “records.” From this field, it is said that everything is born from, and everything returns too. The entire universe is said to be pure cosmic consciousness, and the reason for this is because of this field. this field is not made of matter, but matter is made from it, and it is what holds all of the information of past, present and how it relates to the future.
    there is evidence of this and if you are interested, the latest book is Science and the akashic field by ervin lazslo. he also calls it the “in-fomation” fiedl.
    in quantum physics, it is seen that the smallest quanta hold information and exchange this information everytime it reacts with anyother particle. of these quanta, they make matter both large and small. If the smallest atom holds information of eveything its been through, and of other, then everything is pure information.
    psychics, sages and many scientists beleive you can actually tap into this information field and literaly “know” many things.
    this could answer questions regarding esp, psychic phenomena, energy and spiritual healing (like prayers) etc etc
    hope this helped

  3. The concept is that everything that ever was, is, or will ever be is recorded in a cosmic library – known as the Akashic Records. Each person, has their own record. and with some training and practise you can learn meditation methods to access to get a different perspective on your life, what is happening and why. Its also helpful to see the big picture and re-evaluate your priorities.
    I took an attunement and class on it last spring and have been practising accessing my own records ever since. Its been very very interest.
    I am planning on taking the next level soon which will allow me, with permission from others, to access their records on their behalf to ask questions and pass on the answers received.
    I am very excited to try it out.
    I hope that helps.

  4. Hi Deenie, That was extremely interesting. The Book of Life or Akashic Record holds the information of everything that has ever been since the beginning of time. It records every thought, word, deed and intention we have ever held. We each have our own life recorded from our first incarnation to present. You should get some reading glasses or something?? LOL

  5. Hi Deenie, you already have some good and accurate answers here. I just wanted to add that this is how our Guides and Angels assist us sometimes. I also think that this is what we tap into when we have a past life regression. Also, when we die and get our life review, we probably are viewing a file from the Akashic records.
    If you really want to read that print (you’re right, it’s super small) copy it and paste it into an email, word document or blog it….then you can make it whatever size you want.

  6. Hey Deenie, aren’t you going to give a thumbs up to Carnet who told you a way to make the print bigger so that you can read it yourself?

  7. I am still not so convinced about records of our life in a book but what I am certain of is that if science could really probe into our minds, maybe we could somehow find that most of our experiences there are certainly still intact in our memories. What make us forgetful are somewhat cause by our damage tissues in the brain.
    Like a sun that is forever where it is, it is only hidden by the clouds at times or out of our sight temporarily as the earth revolves at certain times of the day.


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