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Will someone rate my team on Pokemon Diamond?

Hey guys.
First of all, to be honest this team is built around my friend’s team, because he is my main competition.
All are IV and EV trained to help benefit their dominant natures or whichever strategy i am using.
Ideas/suggestions are welcomed as i want to make this team as good as possible.
Even new pokemon suggestions are fine.
Fly- strong and for transport
Aerial Ace- for my friends breloom
Psychic- strong attack for powerful psy/ghost pokemon
Dark pulse- STAB attack
Leafeon-Leaf guard
Sunny day- for ability
Leaf blade- STAB
Razor Leaf- STAB
?????????- suggestions
Ice beam- dragons
Calm mind
Heart swap
Water pulse- STAB
Hidden Power ice- dragons
Dream eater- STAB
Focus Blast- Tyranitar and ice pokemon
Jolteon-Volt Absorb
Thunderbolt- STAB
Iron tail
Shadow Ball
Vaporeon-Water Absorb
Ice beam
Rest- with chesto berry
Surf- STAB
Thanks a lot 🙂


  1. just go to pokemon.marriland.com and go to the team calculator and it will tell your teams strengths and weaknesses

  2. i stopped playin pokemon cause i got bored of it but here is what you do.
    take out the eevee family! horrible pokemon!
    Manaphy is weak.
    Gengar is Good!
    i suggest these pokemon…
    Dragonite give him life orb!
    Ice Punch
    Thunder Punch
    Dragon Claw
    Fire Punch or Fly
    [the reason why the punches is because dragonite has a very high attack and they make it do alot of damage!]
    Dream Eater
    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball
    Absol give him scope lens! make sure his ability is super luck!
    Psyco Cut
    Night Slash
    see Absol’s ability super luck gives him a higher critical ratio
    Scope Lens gives him an extra boost of high critical ratio
    Psyco Cut, Night Slash, and Slash gives a even higher critical ratio
    You get me? he will get a super chance of high critical ratio! that means alot of damage!
    Thunder Punch
    Brick Break
    the best water type would be an empoleon or vaporeon!
    leafeon is OK but sceptile is ALOT BETTER
    if you could get sceptile, give him Focus Blast and fist plate as a item! it saved me many times
    if you want a psychic pokemon get Gardevoir!
    this move will be a great Finish off!
    Rattata LVL 1 give him focus sash as a item!
    Quick Attack
    ok get a rattata femal and a male and train one of them to learn Endeavor at lvl 34 and then breed them!
    ohh and keep quick attack on both of them too!
    ok when you put him on the field, use endeavor as an attack.
    when your opponent attacks you, youll have 1 HP thanks to FOCUS SASH and
    then youll use endeavor which will bring his HP down to 1.
    then use quick attack to go first next move and defeat his pokemon!
    if you could get a Blaziken that would be great!!!!!
    give him these attacks
    Flare Blitz
    Brave Bird
    Sky Uppercut

  3. Honchrow=fine
    Leafon= Hyper Beam or Solarbeam (a good damage attack)
    Manaphy= fine
    Jolteon= replace shadow ball with thunder
    Vaporeon=REMOVE—-get a dragon—salamance or dragonite

  4. ghosts arent weak against psychic, but its still a good move, also ghosts and psychic are weak against honchkrow anyway, dark pulse will kill both easily, wot type is hp (hidden power) for honchkrow? if its ground u might want it, maybe not, though faint attack might b better 4 him (there isnt a lot between his attack and sp.att but att is stronger, it depends who u plan to use it on, if its Gengar, i think his def. islower so faint attack would b better, not sure though) u may also want to put in steel wing as u r weak against rock moves (though there arent a lot of rock types, its just a thought) but u dont need aerial ace and fly, fly is more powerful but if he uses thunder (which CAN hit u in the air and wen it does, it does x2 damage +flying weakness = 120×4 = power 480 attack), ur pretty much dead. im no expert with honchkrow so i might b rong about dis stuff
    leafeon’s pretty good, u could teach him solar beam insted of razor leaf, in sunshine, solar beam doesnt need charging so u can do 5 in a row without break, u could also add in synthesis or a move to cover one of his weakness’s, again, ive never used leafeon, im jus going with guesses (though solar beam is a good idea if u have sunny day).
    Manaphy is alright, the only thing i could suggest is surf insted of water pulse (unless u love being able to confuse, in which case, ignore this point), and an idea might b to put rain dance and thunder sumwhere, rain dance activates hydration and thunder can NEVER miss in rain
    Gengar’s quite strong, one thing i MUST say is that dream eater does NOT give u a STAB because its a psychic move not ghost, just b aware, u could teach it shadow ball/sludge bomb, they DO give STAB, instead of HP, u alredy have Vaporeon for dragons, ice doesnt benefit gengar anyway, Jolteon is pretty good, IF u decide to put rain dance in, u could teach manaphy u-turn insted and give Jolteon thunder, that way, u can change in and get thunders in (also, ur volt absorb might get used if u fight an electric pokemon)
    Vaporeon is pretty good, u dont need ice beam and blizzard (id go for ice beam simply because of accuracy) so u have a free slot, maybe u could give it wish instead of rest (u can save a chesto berry that way), if u do this, maybe use the free slot for protect, just incase u run low on health, u can heal with wish without being hit because of protect (wish can also b good if u bring in a ‘sweeper’)
    its a good team, just needs a few ‘tweaks’ (i dont no ur friends team so this advice could just b a load of rubbish 4 u)
    btw u have 2 watre types which might bring u down and do NOT listen to the other guy, manaphy is NOT weak, all base stats = 100, that beats a LOT of pokemon
    hope i helped and good luck 🙂
    soz its so long 😉


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