Will playing with psychic attract unwanted spirits?

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I’m a Chrisitian, based on Christian beliefs. and I have to admit psychic powers are like one of my most favourite things to do. I can create psi balls and move objects, and I wanna try the pyrokinesis which requires ki energy. But will all this attract spirits and demons that I don’t want here, just as a seance or something along those lines would?
I really enjoy having psychic powers and being able to freak people out with them and move objects without even touching them. I can even make particles soften up, I’ve bent stainless steel cutlery 180 degrees using Crown Chakra mixed with a Psi Ball and twisting once all the energy is focused.
I need help guys.
If this is gonna start attracting shit I don’t want I’m dropping everything.
Also, you’d only understand if you’re a Christian I guess. But anyone that can give me information would be really appreciated..

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Queen Islanzadí

The bathroom is that way deary —>




Usually, religious delusion is entertaining enough. Thank you for this.

The Canadian Atheist

” I can create psi balls and move objects, ”
And that’s where I stopped reading. Clearly you are either lying through your teeth, or honestly believe this is happening. In which case, you are psychotic.
Please, seek help. REAL, professional help.
“Also, you’d only understand if you’re a Christian I guess.”
You guess wrong. One doesn’t need to be a christian to understand when someone is BS’ing us. One only needs to live in the real world.
Sorry, but you fail yet again.


It might so you want to be careful meaning have a saint close in the next room or so.


When I Was Young My Sister And Her Friends Played With A Luigi Board And Our House Became Haunted Shortly After. Its Just Best To Stay Away From All That Stuff..


If you have to ask this, you are just looking for an answer to back up what you want to hear, besides, I have a great big feeling that you are a liar.
I could be wrong, though


I hate to tell people this because I feel like I’m the guy who told other’s kids that there is no santa, but psychics are big scam artists and nothing more.


according to Christian beliefs you would be admitting that you are possessed and already have a spirit inside you


You serious?


omg r u serious???
i do believe that soome people have powers
butt im not sure if bad spirits will come or not.

M to the R Mighty RA

After seeing a TV programme with a so called psychic, who claimed to be voicing the words of a womans toddler and started swearing and talking about the mothers vagina and making her cry and confess uncomfortable things about her ex partners, I think all psychics should be locked in jail. I mean thats what people would want of me if I did that and after reading a book that tells wannabe psychics how to ellicit information out of people by looking at visual clues in their demeanour and behaviour I am convinced that psychics are false and corrupt.


Lets say that what you say is believable for arguing sake. Well…
You are christian but you refer to a lot of asiatic beliefs. Those power you say you possess are too many and rather strong. How you got them, did you always had them since a kid, did you do a seance or something similar and then got them. In such a case yea it could very much attract negative spirits. I guess if those powers are a real given gift to you by birth you should respect it, keep it for a good purpose and pray for guidance.
Don’t forget that as Christian you should know that the evil may always appear in a nice and appealing form.


Your biggest potential problem is destruction of property and potentially attracting Kali. A very destructive Hindu Deity and not a force that you want hanging around, as a former HPS of mine discovered once, the hard way.
You are trying to work with some natural forces that have potential to do so much good and so much harm. It is a double edged sword.
What you need is to find a teacher that is intimately familiar with the use of these powers. Someone who can give you proper direction in their use and usefulness.
As parlor tricks, these are very dangerous powers to use. They could easily grow out of control far faster than you may be able to handle.
Do be very careful with them. The ability to produce them is a rare gift and should not be squandered on tricks for novelty’s sake.


you should try going to a spiritualist church, they can help you develop your physic energy… you can believe in god and spirituality… if it feels right how can it be wrong? the spiritualist church will also equip you with the tools to ward off unkind spirits… and they won’t expect you to stop being a christian either… there’s a lot a broad minded interesting people at these spiritualist Churches and they will help…


yes it would. so stay the hell away from it.

Bernard Jean-Pierre

I can understand your fascination, afterall to do those things would be amazing. However, as you mentioned you don’t want to attract wicked spirits. And with ALL things, there is always a price to pay or a sacrifice to make. You have to ask yourself one simply question – Where is this power coming from?? Now, you KNOW it can NOT be coming from God, or from any person. Why? Well if you are a Christian you are likely very familiar with the MANY scriptures dealing with wicked spirits, fortune tellers, psychics, astrologers etc. All the scriptures say the same thing – ALL THESE THINGS ARE FORBIDDEN BY GOD. Why?? Because Jehovah God knows that these things are connected with Wicked Spirits, NOT faithful angels. Practicing such things WILL allow contact with wicked spirits. This is NOT something you want to fool around with or experiment with. I know that it may be interesting and may allow you to do some powerful things, but I can assure you there is a price to pay. Revelation 12:9-12 shows that Satan and his demons have been thrown from heaven and are now confined to the Earth. They know that their destruction is imminent, so all they want is to cause as much harm, suffering, pain and death as possible. They do not wish to help ANYONE. They only deceive people into thinking that not all of them are bad. But remember Jehovah God does not use his Angels to interact with us by those means because ALL those practices are condemned by him. So that implies that any ‘power’ or ‘ability’ is coming DIRECTLY from wicked spirits! Do not play with the wicked spirit world, all they need is a medium, an ‘open window’. You may be interested in such things, but as I mentioned there is a price to pay. If a person came up to you and gave you power over their multi-million dollar company, do you think there would be no strings attached??? No!! So do you really think a entirely WICKED spirit being, would not demand something back?? They will, but they don’t want friendship, they want all of us to die and suffer, no matter how they acheive it. This may sound harsh, but that is the reality. Read the Bible and use God’s name Jehovah. PLEASE, avoid those practices.


Be careful when you utilize the Crown Chakra. It is a very potent aspect of cosmic energy. You probably will not attract demons or spirits, but it could affect your mental and physical health. If you have any signs of strange headaches or trouble sleeping at night please stop utilizing your psychic powers.


I need a spirit to help my brother’s at work


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