will naruto use the nine tails chakra again in shippuden?





cuz in an episode he decides to never use it again,but does he ever use it again?if so,does he get more then 4 tails?
since i watch the anime,shuld i read the manga 2?


  1. Oh hell yeah! he goes 6, then 8. Six: he gets this kind of fox skeleton on him, like a fox mask and jaw with the bones going down his back (awesome!). Eight: he gets REALLY big.

  2. i think he will use the 9 tails unwillingly since the seal is weakening overtime.l do not think the seal was meant to be permanent.so far in shippuden he can control the three tails but eventually he should be able to control the six or even the nine tails for the as yet unknown jutsu jiraiya alluded to.

  3. yeah..
    he got angry because of what pein did to hinata after knowing that she love him…
    naruto turn to six tails..
    where there is a skeleton along with him..
    next is eight tails..
    after pein use chibaku tensei on him..
    he have the muscular compositions of the kyuubi..
    just as when he tried to fully take off the seal..
    minato’s image stop him and then introduces himself..
    minato re do the seal and said that it would be the last time..
    after that naruto face pein withoput the kyuubi’s chakra surrounding him anymore..

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