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Will Naruto get the other half of the nine tails chakra?

Half the chakra was sealed into Naruto, and the other half is in the Death god. I think Naruto might need to control the nine tails, then take the rest of the chakra. Any ideas?


  1. I don’t think he can but the problem is that minato sealed the yin half into himself and now his soul is with the death god. When orochimaru used edo tensei, he was able to bring out that coffin with “4” on it, so i’m not sure if its used that way the yin half could be taken since its just dirt and ash covering a body, otherwise orochimaru could have taken DNA samples from the 1st and 2nd because of their special wood and water techniques.
    I don’t think naruto needs the yin half. The kyuubi was pissed off because naruto was able to get its chakra. I think naruto will talk to it and yeh convince it to help him, same with nagato. I think the current form (the sage of six paths look) is pretty good, his speed, bee and kisame didn’t even track him, just needs control and he could combine it with his sage techniques since he can’t use that when he is in a like a chakra cloak or semi to full kyuubi form.
    @ xXalosthopeXx, did u read the manga? the yin half was sealed into his father, not his mother.
    @ Vermilion, he does not have full control over the kyuubi, just has its chakra sectioned off. If he was like bee, he would be able to talk to it on friendly terms. I doubt the kyuubi would be helping naruto currently if he was trapped in genjutsu, seeing how pissed off it was when naruto took its chakra.
    @ Blitz, we actually see a sage mode + kyuubi chakra hybrid when naruto saw nagato – http://www.mangareader.net/93-449-4/naruto/chapter-444.html , i think kishimoto will elaborate on that, too bad we didn’t see naruto’s powers at that time.

  2. the others are right the nine tails was split into 2 i can’t remember which half went where but his dad has one half with his soul, obviously some tragedy will happen and it will be released, either in the main story or a filler but it’s bound to happen
    but naruto can’t use sage mode and take the fox’s chakra cause the fox’s disturbs the nature chakra
    unless again somewhere down the line naruto will get in great trouble and need to combine the 2 he will


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