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Will my ex come back to me if a psychic said he would in a tarot reading?

I recently got a tarot reading from a psychic that was right on the do the first time i went a few weeks ago. She said that my ex would come back to me in a few months like may or june. The way things are now we are not even talking and he holds alot of anger towards me. I want to know is it possible that it could happen? If it helps i was born on may 11 1990 and he was born on june 30 1981.


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  • I’d have to do a full reading with a little more info to really tell about this.

    Let me just say, I’ve met a lot of people who went to psychics who gave them otherwise great readings, where it was predicted that their great wish (often involving an ex) would come true at such-and-such a date, and it never happened. The person often continues holding onto the hope for years, too.

    That said, I’ve had readings myself where what the prediction stated seemed unlikely and ridiculous at the time it was made, but also came true just as the person had said.

    So in short, it is *possible.*

  • Pay careful attention to their words. Did she say “will come back to you” or “may”. If it doesn’t come true and you ask them, they’ll probably turn round and say they never promised it would happen but that it could happen. You have to be very careful where you put your money.

  • well you are the Queen of Tomes (Seven Cruptical Books of Osan): The essence of fire behaving as water, such as a rainbow: The natural embodiment of passion and sensuality, who is always the center of attention. One who reflects the desires and ambitions of others, and ignites them. A radiantly vital person, cocky and charismatic, who sees what she wants and goes after it.
    The card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. Ten of Artifacts (Mi-Go Brain Cylinder): Crushing defeat brought about by idle intellectualism divorced from reality. Sadness and desolation in the aftermath of a catastrophic and total collapse. A decisive conclusion brought about through the swift and merciless application of overwhelming force.
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  • it depends what tarot card she read that from. He could come back to your life in many different ways..if the card was a lovers or romance card then he will come back to you in that way. It’s never a 100% that it will happen, but take in what the psychic said and move on. Continue on with your life…that’s the best.

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