Will meditation make me immune to negative reaction to what others have done to me?

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Is there any meditation that serves such purpose that is compatible with an Atheist?

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Annie - Heart of Gold

Some aspects of Buddhist meditation are compatible with atheists.

Dr. Arroganto

No, it won’t make you immune. Not unless you’re really really really good. It can make it easier to deal with though. I’ve learned that through practice.
I am an atheist, but I also consider myself a Taoist. I practice Tao meditation. To me anyway, there’s nothing in Taoism that can’t be explained by science, and it makes me feel better about life.


As another respondent said it will not make you immune unless you have really become a master of meditation, but it can help you cultivate a more calm and objective outlook.
There is a meditation on Buddhism called metta-bhavana or the cultivation of loving-kindness. This meditation helps you to foster more positive emotions and even extend them to those one has difficulties with. Here is a link to an article with instructions (in the latter half of the article).
Note that one need not be a Buddhist let alone any kind of theist to practice the cultivation of loving-kindness. Also note that extending loving-kindness to difficult people is the last step, you must get in touch with the natural feelings of well-wishing you have for yourself and for those who have helped you first. Also, this does not mean approving of or even necessarily forgiving those who have done harmful acts towards you or others. Those who are “difficult” (or even “savage” or “cruel”) may not be as bad as you think, or they may in fact be that bad (or worse), but if you think deeply about it, no one wants to be bad or savage or cruel. They are usually that way because of things that have happened to them which has caused them to feel like acting the way they do is necessary or justified. If we consider this, it may become easier to have some understanding, patience, and even compassion for them, while still not approving of harmful acts. And even if we do get to the stage of forgiving them (which is very healthy for our own peace of mind), that does not mean we should foolishly forget what they have done and what they are capable of. But again, it is also very possible our own perceptions and rationalizations may be at work too. Meditation can help us become more discerning so we can weed out our own subjective misperceptions from more objective observations.
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo,

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls

This is a great question man, one that a lot of people are seeking the answer to.
Your reactions to others are based on your own beliefs and convictions, you can’t blame someone for the way you react, sure you may try to justify your response, but your justification is determined by your beliefs.
IF you have negative beliefs about a particular issue and someone says something provocative about it then you will most likely go off at them, if you don’t have any previous negativity about the issue you will not be as bothered.
YOu can release all these negative beliefs and experiences with EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, this is a really cool and simple exercise that takes about 10 minutes to learn.
Here is a website, you’ll find an EFT Tapping Chart on there. Also visit youtube and type in EFT.
PS check out the courses, there are some really cool things to be learned there.
I hope this has been useful to you, Peace 🙂


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