Lead is used to block X-rays. Couldn’t it block tightly formed waveleghths up in the high Hertz registers, like dare I say, brainwaves?
nimwhits, like it’s a joke
joshhoustonis: Obviously the fact that knowing lead isn’t considered insulation makes you Einstein. I sude the term losely meaning to pad the inside of my walls with sheets of it. Of course you wouldn’t know that. That is why you’re in the insulation buisness and not in the study of science.


  • You should rub your head all over with a fragrant oil, then light a sage stick and wallow in it’s smokey magicalness, then while facing northwest firmly forbid your thoughts to leave the comfortable confines of your head.

    I guarantee that this will block outsiders from entering your brain – unless they use an electric saw or an ice pick.

  • No,it will draw outsiders to you.The fact they can’t see through your lead insulation.That will be what will gives you away.

  • sounds like it might work. you should try ingesting lead too. when i was in high school i got my hands on this old school shading kit made from lead and i crushed it up the best i could and put it into a biscuit mix and fed it to the fattest bastard in the class. josh bailey was his name. he’s not dead yet and i cant read his mind so im pretty sure it works

  • im a union insulator,,, lemme tell ya lead is not a insulation lol!! its a protector, and a sealer but not a insulation… and your “couldnt it blovk tightly formed wavelengths up in the high hertz registers” is just a bunch of babbling… so uh take your mandula abligata. and smash it against your googly goggly and ram your hammer head into its mr miagi!!!

  • I don’t think so. BTW there isn’t a device (yet) that can capture your brain wave lengths and convert them up into information so led or not led no one can (still) know what you are thinking (unless they see your face and your expression is too imminent).

  • I wouldn’t use lead, it’s too heavy and can be poisonous. Just stick to your tin-foil hat and you’ll be okay.

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