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Will Kobe fake an injury in Game 2?

Obviously, there is some kind of Zen meditation fake injured players perform frm the locker room to get their team to win, will Kobe try this stunt Sunday night? I mean, it’s not like he’s going to hoot tha ball into the hoop during those 3 minutes, anyway.
“Lakers dont need to act to win!!”
They don’t “win”, as we saw last night, they “lose”. I guess they don’t need to act to lose is what you wanted to say.
“i don’t see how kobe bryant faking an injury will help them win the series”
You can add to that list “playing basketballl” too. Not much Kobe can do other than go postal on Garnett, Pierce and Allen that will help the Lakers win this series.


  1. No.
    Pau Gasol will.
    He will break his face going up for a dunk,
    Come back looking like Kendrick Perkins and score 10 in the 4th.

  2. Yes because he thinks he doesnt need his team.
    He got that superstar mentality.
    Why do u think he wanted to be traded in the first place?
    And honest to God these laker fans are fake as hell.
    Bandwagons for life thats all they’ll be.

  3. Lol did you think before you asked this?
    Pierce faked an injury to get his team to win? I fail to see how losing one of your best players gives you an advantage? You don’t know much about basketball do you?
    I’ve sprained my ankle and knee and it does hurt and you can continue using it soon later. As long as the blood is still circulating it’s ok, the bruising settles in later….
    Did you see pierce riding the bike trying to keep it loose? Did you see the replay and watch his knee bend the wrong way?
    Lol you a dum***, fans like you make all lakers fans look pathetic. You just find stuff to blame losing on, it just couldn’t of been Kobe’s 33% fg shooting against the celtics this year huh?

  4. game 2 is in boston the crowd will cheer when kobe “fakes” he injuries. The crowd will “BOO!!!!” when he comes back. So no point.

  5. Kobe Bryant will shot “baby hook” to make points before buzz game over Lakers defeat Boston 108-106 on Game 2!!!!!! like Magic Johnson did “baby hook” to beat Celtics on Game 5 1987 NBA Finals!!!!

  6. his ego will be hurt, get carried off on a stretcher to the locker room, magic johnson will talk to him and say,
    “your a ballhog and selfish person, your not a team player”,
    kobe will walk out of the locker room in less then 2 minutes,
    score 20 straight points in 7 minutes,
    he’ll talk to marv albert, “my ego was hurt, people kept telling me i was a better team player”, “my teammates are playing better i need to get traded to the Miami Heat and prove that i can still win a championship with out Shaq”


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