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will karma come back and get me if I use a voodoo doll?

Please no atheist answers, and PRETTY PLEASE no Bible-thumping answers saying that voodoo dolls demonic!
I’m a Christian btw.


  1. There’s no such thing as karma and no such thing as voodoo – you’re just compounding superstitions here. So no, nothing is going to happen to you OR the person you’re mad at. You might want to look at more constructive methods of dealing with anger.

    • For one thing,if you know nothing of voodoo,do not practice.You must not know much of voodoo or you wouldn’t ask such a question.My advice to you.Don’t wish harm on anyone or anything.If something bothers you,deal with it.When you wish harm on others,that is wrong and it may come back on you.Do good in life,if people hurt you and you hate them then pray for them.May seem hard to do but always be the stronger one,don’t let things get to you

    • You tell that to the millions of Hindu and Buddhist across the Middle Eastern to Asiatic territories that there is no such thing as Karma. Tell an African versed in voodoo or Voodoo priestest that it does not exist. Let me ask though, Have you had sufficient studies and research, and some actual hands-on experience to deny that either exists? And how does one base their facts on whether it exists or not? By not believing? lmfao.

  2. If you’re willing to use something like a voodoo doll then of course karma will come back to get you. It’s not like using the doll will bring about bad things for you but when bad things happen (since they happen to everyone) you’re just going to blame it on karma.

  3. Yes, karma see’s you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows if you been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. Beer bongs rule!

  4. Yes it will, whether or not you are a Christian. However, being Christian, you are asking for a double wammy. In the realms of magick, when your intent is to harm or control another person’s free will then you will get a karmic backlash. A Wiccan belief is that it will come back to you three fold (three times as hard) but even non-Wiccan Pagans believe that it will come back to you in some way.
    There are some people that work with negative entities (some call them demons) and believe that by working with them they are somehow protected from the karma but working with negative entities carries it’s own karmic backlash so they are still going to get it either way.
    Voodoo is a religion. By being a Christian and practicing Voodoo (and yes, using a voodoo doll automatically means you are practicing Voodoo) you are basically stepping outside of your faith. In the eyes of Christianity that is a sin.
    So you’re talking about getting a karmic backlash and committing a sin at the same time. There is no way around that unless you stop being Christian and you would still get the karmic backlash for it regardless of your faith or lack thereof.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that Christians believe in Karma. They believe that everything that happens to us is by God’s will, good or bad. Karma is explained as cause and effect. You do bad, you get bad. You do good you get good. The scales are constantly being weighed.
    Maybe you should study more about Christianity. I know a lot of people are raised Christian and have the title without really grasping totally what it means but IMO, being religious or spiritual is something you should believe in your heart fully or you aren’t going to get the full positive effect of it.

  5. Hi-I haven’t studied voodoo but what I think based on what I *do* know.
    Everything is based on *intent* if you intend to harm someone-be it with a doll or anything else –by focusing on “harm” you are attracting harm (yes even to yourself)
    If you intend to help someone–send healing, prayers-that sort of thing–you are then attracting that sort of energy–(yep, even to yourself)
    We use what we call “proxies” in energy healing. Where you intend that the proxy being given the healing represents the person you are sending the healing energy to. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this-whether it is a doll or a teddy bear–or whatnot-because you are sending only light to the person (and have their permission, ideally) Where if you are sending out negative to someone-you are not going to ask permission-you are just sending out negative with desire to harm–so I would expect karmicly there would be something happening.
    I see it as much less about the actual “voodoo doll” than the intentions behind what you are trying to send out. the doll idea itself would be pretty neutral-its what you choose to do with it that makes the difference in either direction.

  6. Maybe if you call Karma up and appologize, she will come back to you. There is no need to resort to nonsensical magic. I’m not even sure they really use voodoo dolls in voodoo. I think voodoo dolls are mostly just for cheesy sitcoms. I think every sitcom in the 80s had at least one episode with a voodoo doll.
    edit: Your correct Witchy Mel. She is not a Christian. A Christian believes and follows the teachings of Christ by definition. Christ was pretty clear about things like Karma and magic usage. If you want to claim to be a Christian you should probably study the Bible a little.

  7. I have another take on this, something my angels taught me. You should never mess in something you know nothing about, b/c it could very well come with side effects you weren’t counting on. Everything has a good and bad side to it, so there very well may be a good side to voodoo, but there’s also a dark side to it as well. So simply by using voodoo period you’re opening yourself up to everything that goes into the voodoo religion, good AND bad, and let me tell you, bad is always the first to show up to the party.
    so I’d be careful if I were you. Oh and yes, if you do wrong by someone else it WILL come back around. What goes around comes around. Take the higher ground and don’t level yourself to their playing feild hon. revenge isn’t worth it.

  8. short answer is yes. i was baptised too but had some experience with people that use voodoo. dont go there. its pandoras box. the more belief you have in voodoo the more power it has on you. this is not good. ive been raped an revenge in any form was appealing but it isnt necessary. first the person who used to be an enemy can often times become a friend. if not that you will find that you will at least understand why they did what they did. the universe has a great mechanism in place for this . the golden rule. anything that someone did to you they will experience as pain in the future. .

  9. Karma is a faith belief that some people hold and some people don’t. Voodoo is also a faith belief that some people hold and some people don’t. Some people believe in both, some belief in one or the other, and some don’t believe in either of them.
    So the correct answer to your question is both yes and no, depending on who you ask. Such is the world of arbitrary faith belief. Thankfully we have science where we can systematically and objectively whittle away what is not real from what is. 🙂 If you’re looking for a scientific answer, the answer is that there is no reason to think either karma or voodoo exist in the first place.

  10. Ok simple answer. Yes. Remember the bible says .. what you sow so shall you reap. 10 times fold. I hope that didn’t sound like bible thumping .. but its true , what ever you do comes back to you in some form or another.

  11. lmao i avoid voodoo (yes its evil) but i do prActice witchcraft. look it up and plenty of people will tell u there experiences

  12. Reality is not found readily within any religion. Be you Christian or Islamic you hold a belief system that does not define all truth in relaity.
    However here are some truths I believe in and will share some ideas with you. Truths:
    God is.
    God is also Holy in all respects, perfection so to speak.
    Anything outside of that is “Unholy”.
    God does not judge, man judges self.
    Laws of God: like attracts like in this world and all others
    Karma is like attracks like in action
    Vodoo, as I understand it is about having “power over others” or manipulating others by your will over their will. If this is true or close to true then Vodoo will attract selfish non-spritual and non-physical personalities directly to you and into your home.
    By practicing vodoo you place yourself in a low state of spritual development. One great law of spritual truth is: “Others first”, always others first.
    If you find yourself attempting to “bring down” entities from another plain into yours to do your bidding upon others you are alingning yourself with ideas opposite high truths.
    Entities whom have the ability to act within this realm are generaly of the “astral plain” or Boarder-lands; that area between the physical plain and the spiritual plains. They are not healthy personalities in the spritual sense and are highly Attracted to Earth as they cannot escape the addictions of the physical realm. They long for the Earth and will look towards Earth still after death, ie they fail to move on…
    Within the astral plain are ideas of thoughts cast off mingling with “true souls” whom will not move forward due to Earth attractions. Consider that thought creats and all thoughts do in fact “go someplace”. They drift within the astral realm untill they simply desinigrate for lack of the ability to energize and hold on into form. Energy is “zapped” from personalities such as us each day by non-physical personalites near us. Like a dead battery they come when they need us and act selfishly.
    Vodoo as I view it offers nothing spritualy and In my view can cause you to become involved with personalities of very low spritual degree.
    As the primary law is “Like attracts like” you will become one of the lesser personalites in the ways of truth.
    If you remotley consider that God is. And that God is of a high truth, further consider Voddo as a means of moving away from God. Mankind is far enough away due to our blatant disregard for spritual truth and you as an individual need not accelerate your moving farther away.
    For those personalities, be they physical or non-physical, that continues to move farthest away from truth (God) you will find yourself surrounded by those personalities and their ways you have attracted your self to. A very extremely unpleaseant situation.
    Being “Saved” within many religions is one of the largest untruths. Many Unweary ‘Christians” have a belief system far outside of truth that claims they may do as they wish and simply “Ask Jesus for forgivness” and all will be washed away. As Jesus was Truth within the bible the symbolic parable was ingnored and turned into a real story of men with all the spritual truths ignored by most. This “saved” issue was a large misinterpretation.
    I have at times scoffed at Christians whom speak of the Devil and demons as many of you know me. Yet I do say they are many devils and demons whom act by way of will alone as will is the only power within realms of a non-physical nature. So, with that said, demons have many names and many once resided on Earth and some not. As I have heard of no true devil with one name I have heard of many with many names and each has his place of residency.
    My advice is to not mingle with things you know little about.

    • I think you should take your own advice. You sound bias. Do you know anything about Hoodoo Voodoo? Have you studied it- and know without a doubt that it offers nothing spiritual. Where have you read this “power over others”???That religion has both good and bad. Juju is the right-handed good magic and Mojo is the left handed bad magic. It depends on the person and their intentions-that’s what makes it what it is. I claim no religion, but I believe in God. I have heavily studied all religions. So before you start casting your judgments. Make sure you know what your talking about. The ignorance in your words is extreme.
      My advice… don’t give advice on what you know nothing about.

  13. It is unusual that you claim to be Christian and express the belief in karma. Karma is the law that we receive what we send out. If we do good then good will return to us if we do bad then bad will return to us. if you use a voodoo doll to harm someone then yes, you will receive harm back. Now in Wicca we sometimes use poppetts which is similar to a voodoo doll but it is used for good not bad.

  14. Sweetie I can tell you right now, not to listen to these people. My grandmother was a Christian that practiced Hoodoo all of her life. She lived to be 83 years old without anything terrible happening to her. People are just trying to scare you. However, if you’re so worried about it, then pray for forgiveness or go through a strand of rosary beads a few times to repent for your sins. It’s what I do after annoying the crap out of an enemy. So far the three fold rule hasn’t applied itself as one would think. Bad things won’t come unless you let them.

  15. Yes it will come back to you because it only know you and the works of your hands, to bring back to you double what you purpose with your own hands to do, whether good or evil.
    Beware of witchcraft…. said the Almighty.

  16. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This will happen 100% of the time but you will never know with things of this nature, what the reaction will be.
    Could be as simple as, “if you stick a pin in a doll, the reaction is the insides of the doll move aside for the pin”, Or it could mean, “you just killed the person and are doomed to an everlasting hell of torture by demons and otherworldy minions”.
    Who knows…..

  17. curse won’t work, and the demon you conjured up will be tortured for it. That means you’ll be tortured too. Usually mentally. You’ll start hearing voices and getting paranoid. Depending on the curse, the demon could have a legal right to harm you. Usually it will drive you crazy enough to commit suicide, so it can get your soul. You better know the person you seek to curse.
    My advice: it’s not worth it. If you want to harm someone, play a prank on them or something. Or just don’t talk to them. Conjuring up a spirit is not a wise thing to do.


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