Will it be appropriate doing nude yoga after a bare brazilian wax?

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I’m fairly comfortable with my body and my own sexuality so my girlfriends and I were looking into a nude yoga class here in town. I heard it’s an liberating way of connecting your mind & body. However I just got an all bare brazilian wax and I’m afraid I may be overly exposed during the stretches that everyone may frown on. I’m not sure if I should just go or call and somehow try to ask them. I just don’t know exactly what to ask.

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I say no. Wear a skimpy bikini or something, but if you’re waxed……….well, I couldn’t imagine doing it. Others may feel differently.


aha never heard of tht
im sure someone else will be there with a brazilian wax, ask one of your friends to get one, then you deffo know


If you feel comfortable with yourself, then there is no harm in the way you groom yourself. Just as there is no harm (or appeal) in seeing people with untidy pubes.


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