Will I Iose my atheist cred if I dabbIe in tantra?

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neh…whatever floats your boat is ok with me.

Jeff S

not if you put the results up on youtube.

Prometheus Unbound

Nah – it’s fun. It is very hard to withhold orgasm over and over however.


Yes you will lose it.


Yep. You will. ;-D


no but TIRH…

The Reverend Soleil

Don’t dabble — anyone worth doing is worth doing well…

eric k: freezer burned atheist

No way.
And aren’t ‘dabble’ and ‘tantra’ somewhat at odds with each other?
I mean, there’s a reason why Sting only puts out a new album every 5 years or so.


Could you please be a little more descriptive?

Christian Apologist

Thats fine seeing as Atheist have no cred anyway


No. Dabble away.


Have at it and enjoy yourself.

The Incredible Edible Phoenix

You can get the cred back if you ‘dabble’ in it with a christian.

Purple Monkey Dishwaher

no Tantra is not based on religion rather its based on increasing sexual experience.

Shawn B

Real Tantra has nothing to do with God and very little to do with sex.


Ahh Tantra…no no I don’t think you would lose you atheist cred at all. After all you can…benefit from the sexual wisdom of Tantra, without adopting its pantheon. I think everyone should learn at least a little about it


Not even if you become Buddhist.
I recently found that Buddhists don’t believe in God.
It is all about recognizing the self.
both are about leaving the physical body, and recognizing your soul, but not God.

Emily H

Atheist simply means no god. Some will say so, but it doesn’t go against the meaning of the word. My atheist boyfriend does rune divination (with great results), and enjoys watching me do magick and loves my Book of Shadows. He also believes in ghosts (although, like me, he is very skeptical of individual cases), magick and witchcraft, and of course, divination. He doesn’t believe in any god, so he is still atheist. An atheist can meditate, be a Buddhist or a Unitarian Universalist, and believe in things that would be considered supernatural.
The book and movie The Haunting (of Hill House) has a great way of explaining it: There are things that we call supernatural simply because science has not YET explained them, but they are not related to a god.
But be prepared for the Anti-theist crowd to mock you and call you stupid.

Cunning Stunt

Only if you fail to post the pictures on your profile, luv.


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