Home Discussion Forum Will I grow taller if I eat someone's raw pineal gland?

Will I grow taller if I eat someone's raw pineal gland?


  1. No. Stomach acids and enzymes would break down the hormones you’re hoping for, not magically transport them whole into your bloodstream.

  2. Well no, but you will get his soul if you eat his raw heart!
    Argh, joking, please disregard that.
    No, it really does not work like that. It’s true that products that are made from various animal organs can enhance the human body. Like the stuff for the bodybuilders – growth hormones and others.
    But going “28 days” on someone and eating his raw entrails? Nope.

  3. well i don,t know but i am not going to find out so who ever asked this question when you find out please let us know but please dont tell us how you found uot

  4. You’re thinking of the pituitary gland, not the pineal gland.
    I’m pretty-sure that most–if not all–of the growth hormone in a pituitary gland would not survive the digestive process.
    What you want to get is something called “Human Growth Hormone,” and the place to get this is from a “legit” medical specialist. And one dose would not do the job: You’d have to go in for many shots over a period of several months. It would probably cost a few tens of thousands of dollars, and, unless you have a medical problem that is causing unusual shortness, it would not be covered by insurance.
    Anyone who goes around eating raw glands from the brain area is putting themselves in danger of contracting diseases–up to and including the human version of “Mad Cow Disease.” But I have to assume that you’re kidding about your question: I mean, you don’t REALLY intend to go around eating stuff from anyone’s dead body, do you? I’m guessing that you’re either doing a “What if?” fantasy, or you’re making an outrageous (and not really funny) joke.


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