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Will i get caught???

A couple of weeks ago me and my friend stole a lot of stuff from claires and we did it so many times that day but the last time we went to go in and steal for that day we got caught so we ran before she got us but im sure the camras got us.Im so scared idk what to do i scrunched my hair so it was curly that day nd i wore more make-up then i usually do but stilll.The worst part is the manager the lady who caught me is my ex-boyfriends cusin and he is one of my best friends and my mom is friends with his mom too and my big brother is friend with his big sister.Im scared some were down the line i will get caught.its been a little bit over a month but im so scared to go to the mall or anywere i had to go buy a outfit for my friends party and i was so scared.Im not going to tell the friend i stole with but when im sure the coast is clear im going to pay it back but in my own way.By saying keep the change everytime.Karma is a bi**h and i dont want it to happen to me.


  1. Stealing is a really bad habit for a person to have. I hope that you never do that again. The only way you can avoid karma is go back in that store and tell them you stole from them and give them back the stolen items or pay for all of it.

  2. That would be called a “consequence” of your actions. That’s something you need to consider when you do things like stealing. Think about what the consequences might be and make better choices. Frankly, you’d deserve it if you got caught and maybe you’d make a better choice next time.

  3. Yep, you’ll get caught. There are too many links among the players- you, the mall lady and the people in your life.
    And no one will care about your intent to pay back by “keeping the change.” Intent occurs only inside your head. What matters is what happened at the store.
    Don’t worry about karma, worry about jail.
    You seem sorry, Find someone older and whom you trust (not the bimbo that helped you steal) and see if you can make an overture to the manager.
    More suggestions? Pay attention more in school. Hanging out with thieves has no future. Spend less time in chat and more time with your schoolbooks. (Note I didn’t say “no” time in chat and “all” your time with school.) Slow down, think about your life and do something with yourself. You can do it, but not with the crowd you run with.
    Good luck!

  4. Why are you doing this stuff, anyway?
    A criminal record will stay with you for life!
    Talk to your school councilor, if you are in school.
    If not, try to get some help from a psychiatrist.
    Something isn’t right in your life at this time. What is it?
    Please don’t ruin your life, sweetie.

  5. I sincerely hope you do get caught and then you get the book thrown at you.
    If you want to do the right thing, return what you stole and admit to what you did. Telling people to “keep the change” isn’t paying back.
    Thank you Lprod.

  6. So if this isn’t a joke or a troll, when did this actually happen ? A couple of weeks ago — or over a month ago?
    Anyway, you’d really deserve to get caught. I’m sure you didn’t steal hundreds of dollars’ worth but still, that is SO WRONG and you’d really deserve a punishment so you never do it again. I hate people like you who would do this and think they can get away with it — so maybe next Xmas you’ll go for it again since you didn’t get caught this time. I really hope that you’ll be arrested next time you show up at the store, no matter if it’s a year from now.
    As someone said, the only way to make this right is GO AND GIVE THE STUFF BACK or pay for all of it. Otherwise your being scared and your intention of “paying it back” won’t do any good to anyone.

  7. Well my cousin’s friend’s uncle saw you also, but he was in the other line with his aunt’s other nephew’s girlfriend who lost her perm on a windy day(her make-up blew off also).
    The moral of the whole, drawn out, moronic story, is to quit stealing you mope.
    Get a life, get a clue, GET A JOB!!

  8. they do not really have cams and they can not get you later, they have to catch you in the act. But DO NOt do it again. My friends cous got caught at wal mart and had to stand in the front in cuffs, embarassing! If you do you will be walked out in the mall with them..

  9. I wish you had thought of this before you committed the crime! The only advice I can give you is never to do anything like this again, stop mixing with thieves, don’t visit Claire’s for like maybe the next six months and pray to God that you don’t get caught…I’ll say a little pray for you myself!!!


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