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Will hypnosis help me get over my sugar addiction?

I have a bad addiction to sugar. I binge on chocolate, donuts, cookies, and stuff like that. I am trying to get into shape but I can’t because I binge on sweets! I am middle aged. Will hypnosis help me overcome this terrible addiction?


  1. If you CAN be hypnotized, then you can probably overcome your addiction.
    Mythbusters has zero credibility with me, all over one episode that I saw. So, they are just entertainers in my book.
    I crave sweets from time to time, like icing covered cinnamon rolls. I liked dunking them in my coffee in the mornings.
    Since I became diabetic, I have to constantly ask myself one question:
    Do I really want that cinnamon roll (or other bad foods) or do I want my eyes?
    Which one do you think I picked?
    Best way to stop eating sweets is to not be around ANY of them.
    It can take about 2 weeks to get over the sugar withdrawal.

  2. Absolutely, but you may start smoking or acting strange depending on what they tell you when you are under. They will give you a key word and then they will call you on the phone and give you the key word. Then you’ll go rob a bank for them or whatever they programmed you to do.

  3. No. Hypnosis was created by LSD-Burnt-Out hippies who think swinging a watch will make you stop doing something like masterbation. All addiction is a weakness. You, are just weak. You need to man up (even if you are a woman) and stop being inferior to us addictionless superiors.

  4. For many people food is a means of expressing their anxiety. In the case of bulimic and anorexic clients this comes out in the form of a fairly easily identifiable condition. In the case of binge eaters this is not the case. Sometimes the activity can look like gluttony, or be attributed to other factors. In the end, it almost certainly boils down to an anxiety driven desire to eat.
    As one of my favorite clients put it — “I want you to stop me binge eating, and remind me that my nails are not a major food group…” There is a very clear link between the food use and anxiety levels.
    For a binge eater the food can be something apparently healthy, or something very unhealthy — it’s the quantities that are key. A binge eater can also be well within the bounds of healthy weight. One of my binge eating clients is an accomplished marathon runner that no one would consider overweight. Her use of food is a means of coping — yet is a source of silent despair.
    For many binge eaters there is no one that will understand their issue. Like bulimic and anorexic clients, they feel ashamed of their issue. They subsequently develop poor self image and a sense that they just can’t help themselves. You need not feel this way. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is a very real problem and one that can be overcome.
    If you’d like more information please check out http://www.VancouverHypnotherapy.org
    The good news is that using hypnotherapy you often can help yourself.

  5. I could have written your post! You are most definitely not alone 🙂
    I have been doing the programme outlined in the book Potatoes Not Prozac (Kathleen DesMaisons). I no longer have sugar cravings and can happily walk past a cake shop without inhaling the entire contents.
    Best of luck – rooting for you!


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