Home Discussion Forum Will human beings evolve into a God consciousness or God state?

Will human beings evolve into a God consciousness or God state?

Is the species evolving to the highest state There is no right or wrong answer, so spare me the attacks. Also, I’m pretty sure of what the answer from Christians will be, so *please* don’t post scripture if you choose to answer.


  1. I’m not even sure what you mean by that, but ask yourself
    1. Are mutations to achieve this even possible
    2. Would it be beneficial for survival and reproduction
    Otherwise, no

  2. Well if you look at certified statistics Christianity is dying out.
    There are so many silly claims by Christians here such as the majority of Americans and Brits are christian! Church statistics alone show that church attendance is less than a quarter of the population in both countries.
    Again church statistics show that church attendance has been falling steadily year on year for the last two decades!
    I firmly believe that it is the intolerance and extremism that has crept into Christians that is doing this and cannot see the loving and forgiving god being resurrected so I would suggest that god consciousness will eventually disappear altogether!!

  3. no, i believe that they will pull away from the need for gods and saviors, heavens, hells and immortality because those are the product of unanswered questions that won’t always remain unanswered. with more knowledge the need for such magic tricks will wane.

  4. yes we can if we study ourselves and our conscious. We have unlimited potential to develop our intellect, and maybe become the “great intellect” or god and create our own universe


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