Will earth get enough energy if nuclear explosions are carried out in Moon ?

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Sunlight is available only during day. Most of the energy requirements due to lighting needed at night, have led to serious and adverse activities related with construction of dams etc. Energy due to similar fission/fusion explosion, if allowed to take place on moon can provide earth with enough energy. This would be enough to take care of the energy requirements at night. With opto-powered devices, service economy can take the global intelligence to greater heights. Planting enough saplings wuold also cause reduction of carbon emission, as they would now be used to generate more oxygen. Emissions by plants at night would also decrease.

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If you are talking about putting nuclear power plants on the moon, we could easily get enough energy for all of earth’s needs. It would be much more expensive than nuclear power plants here because the uranium would have to come from earth but it would eliminate the radioactive wastes by burying them on the moon.
It would take a lot of power plants but they could beam the power to earth in microwaves. They would use a maser (like a laser for microwaves) and antenna farms in remote parts of the earth to get the power from the moon to earth.


No, it would cost way to much to build nuclear arms and throw them at the moon, not to mention the cost of a nuclear bomb that can travel through Space would be enourmous. It would also only give us a little jolt of energy, you know why?
This is why it would be unprofitable.


Not as you describe it. After you make the nuclear energy, you will need to collect it, as in batteries and ship it to Earth.
At the moment it is very difficult to do so, since we would need to make an industrial complex on the Moon. The complex’s nuclear facilities should take account of the Moon’s much lower gravity and other such considerations.


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