Home Discussion Forum Will Colour therapy work and will my masculine side be balanced?

Will Colour therapy work and will my masculine side be balanced?

I went for colour therapy and the therapist used coloured oils to massage my body. Before the massage she used energy rods to check the energy from each chakra. My third eye was completely open, the crown and solar plexus were halfway open. The other chakras had energy on the left side but not really on the right. The left is the feminine side and the right is the masculine side. I have a fear of men because I was violated as a kid and bullied all my life. I became so sick after the therapy, my back started hurting and now I’m coughing and my nose is blocked and now is running and my intestines hurt and my tummy is running too. I’m going back in 2 weeks. Will the physical reaction go away and will my chakras be balanced? I want nothing more than to feel like a man on the inside.


  1. You’ll be getting female energy from the therapist – you’ll need a male masseur. I’m not joking. Even if you’re frightened you have to face that fear.

  2. No telling. Personally, I would not return. I don’t trust anyone who tells me something major is happening in my body without proof or me noticing it.
    Recovery is not a matter of fast-food service, nor should you be locked into vague treatments that you cannot gauge (these have a tendency to continue endlessly and get more expensive and volatile). Something this deep-seated requires extensive introspection and esteem-building; and guided meditation is the best thing for that. There are a number of styles, but avoid being pulled in by fanciful spiritualists. An empathic, strong, down-to-earth person is needed. Also, I would suggest an analysis of what you feel is “masculine”. A lot of our preconceptions about gender are guided by stereotypes and false constructs, and you could well be chasing a dragon here.

  3. You can’t even make this stuff up! Wait, of course you can. Sounds like you have the flu. There is no connection to your colored massage therapy. To answer, no.

  4. FFS. Color therapy is bogus and you don’t have any chakras. You are correlating a cold or flu with the ‘treatment’. Stop waisting your time and money on such horse hockey.

  5. Sounds like a dose of flu. Go to bed, take some paracetamol and forget about going back to that plonker. She’s ripping you off.
    Sounds like you should concentrate on your lack of confidence and childhood issues with a trained counselor. Don’t get distracted by these sort of vultures who seem so keen to prey on the vulnerable.


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