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Will breathing exercise help flatten my stomache or would I have to do more?

I dont have time for regular sit ups I go to school plus run a household

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  1. It will help expand your lungs but you can do some yoga, get a cd or a book, you will be surprised at how fast it works. Or get a ball and put your legs up on it and do sits ups that way. Very easy and effective.

  2. Forget a flat stomach – most people dont have them and they only way to get one is diet and exercise.
    Sit ups dont take that long but frankly you obviosuly have more things going on in your life than worrying about a podgy tummy – wear a wide waist belt/glam corset for evenings out and sod worrying about it – guy dont!!!!
    ……………..forget about the first answerer to your Q – they are just pushing their eating disorders R US website. These people obsessed with getting people on ‘detox’ make me sick – that is where all the eating disorders come from….it DOESNT WORK!

  3. Breathing exercise is a best one. but do it properly i mean when you breath in out check that you breath in stomach and not in lungs.
    Do the exercise very fast for at list five min daily.

  4. I am not sure about the breathing exercise but I’ve heard that sucking in your stomach and holding for a couple of seconds (about 5 secs) helps you strengthen your abs especially your lower ones. Try it I think it works…plus you can do it while you are sitting in class or running around the house.
    Good luck

  5. Good deal. School and house management. However, to stay healthy and keep a toned muscle body that will remain that way until old age is something that you have to add to your good habits. Stop eating as much red meats and pork as possible. Stop eating any junk foods that contain extra salts or sugars. Under all circumstances stop drinking soda. Soda is the number one cause of osteoporosis in women and men the world over. Regular soda contains twelve teaspoons of sugar, which shows up as tummy roll. Diet contains no sugar just chemicals that screw up your kidneys and liver. Start eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink organic fruit juices. Also, drink 6 to 8 bottles of pure water. With your schedule that should be no problem. Walk. Walk at least two miles after school or work or whatever. In thirty days you will see a remarkable change. You will also acquire more energy, more stamina, more vitality and more mental acuity than ever before in your life. Do this forever. When you are well past middle age your friends will be begging you to them your anti-aging secrets. I have been doing this for twelve years. I am a few months shy of 60 and my friends and strangers even, think I am in my late forties or look like it.


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