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will be taking a drug soon?

of a dream like nature. this will not be for fun or entertainment. it is a vision quest, so i can be a viewer of what is really me, and what is only ego. i need to answer a question that brings me great anxiety, and this is what scares me. i will be taking the strongest psychedelic found on earth, the same one produced by the pineal gland after a seroquel binge or a dying departure. i don’t know if i will have a bad trip, then again any realization that you are a monster, even if it is the truth probably won’t resonate too well.
if i am doing this with the intention of exterminating doubt, regardless of the impunity of truth, will i find my answers without something stupid like ghoulish manifestations keeping me from persisting in my interstellar drive? anyone who has ever used dmt, please speak up
you are like the only person that did answer… i wanted some more opinions.


  1. You made me read the whole question so I’m gonna answer even though I haven’t take dmt.
    NO, don’t take a halucinogenic drug. It is NOT dependable ~ you will not necessarily find out anything ~ it maybe a very good or a very bad experience. I would NOT risk it.

  2. Drugs are used to escape reality, not to find yourself.
    Ive done a lot of drugs, lsd, mushies, e all that, but not DMT. But they are all the same, It’s all just a mindfuzzle.
    I knew one person that had tried it before, and he is one of they most distant persons I have ever met, real space cadet.
    If you have a lot of anxiety and fear a bad trip, you’re most likely to have a bad one.
    I stopped doing drugs a while ago, they don’t help you in any way, they pull you away from reality, people, and yourself.
    Try meditation, religion… other methods used to help you understand yourself…

  3. I have smoked it twice, and both trips while completely different, seemed to have the same feel to them, the first one i got to have a conversation with my ex girlfriend, who had died months before the trip. All I can tell you is it is only gonna last for about ten minutes, but its gonna feel like a lifetime, and it will show you what you need to see, not necessarily what you want to see. I know that my answer was not too helpful but you will understand it after you have taken you trip


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