Will basketball fix the mortgage crisis? When Barack scores a three pointer will gas prices go down?

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Barack Obama has been playing an awful lot of basketball. Don’t you find that arrogant, considering he says he has no time to debate? I guess as long as he doesn’t have to answer any legitimate questions everything will be fine. When times get tough and Iran bombs Iraq, and your spiritual advisor spews hate and you don’t want to debate play basketball.

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Release the Hounds

he’s wrapped up the nomination…let him enjoy his free time before taking on McCain


No it won’t. It may just open you a little to hear the message.


He’s done enough of debates. Your being very immature.

Right Wing Conservative Hawk

Barack will have plenty of time to bounce basketballs before
to long,, His race for President is over.


As opposed to barbecuing in Crawford? Bush couldn’t win a debate against a radish and his answer to the mortgage crisis is more tax cuts and deregulation. What might really help the U.S. economy (if you’re really interested) are massive tax hikes on the rich, but since all the candidates are rich themselves, we’re very unlikely to see them. If I were Obama I wouldn’t want to “debate” any more either, the panel on the veiw would have asked more legitimate policy questions than were asked in the last “debate” (aka gossip session). Oops. Almost forgot to answer your “questions”. No and no.


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