Will atheists experience reincarnation over and over and over again until it to dawns them?

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TriciaG28 SPL Champions 07/08

So what you’re saying is I’ll get to live forever!?
That’s pretty cool!! LOL

Daniel is...is....here

As a Buddhist, I have to say yes.


Yeah i will experience it im setting up my cloning lab right now in the basement. Just ordered some more gear off ebay today!

❂ Sun Is Shining

I’m here one time only. There is no need for a re-run.

Patio of Fun

Who knows, Mike? Will you ever waken from your religious fantasies and delusions? Who can tell?


That question almost made sense until I hit the last 4 words.


Your question has a false implication. You state, with editing for grammar, “until it dawns on them”. The implication within this statement is that there is an “it” to “dawn” on us. This is an assertion for which there is no proof, and certainly no way of stating what “it” is. Maybe we will be reincarnated over and over until we see that unicorns are real. Maybe we will just die. I vote for the latter.


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And also proves that Jesus was in India between the ages of 13-30? Just wondering.

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