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Will anything tangible ever culminate from this dense pressure/vibration sensation in my pineal gland area?

These “vibration” “sensations” started about 6 months ago, and now this (always comfortable) “pressure” sometimes feels like it is really building up to very strong point when it consolidates in what feels like the third eye area. However, these “sensations” move around sometimes. I also feel them around the frontal air sinus area. Sometimes I can hear and feel crackling sounds like “pressure” is being “released” around my sinus cavities and also from deeper within. What will these “pressure”, “sensations” culminate into? I also find these “pressure” “sensations” sometimes move around the cribriform plate and around the ethmoid bone, which, some may suppose, is part of the “third eye”.
Much thanks to any serious answerer.


  • our pineal gland area is actually a culmination of the way the dust has been settling ever since before the so called big bang

  • Have you ever heard of Kundalini? It is a form of energy that reposes in the spine and can affect the pineal gland. Do you experience any physic awareness happening around you?

    Then again it could be a tumor, (not kidding here), or it could be sinus related. It would be wise to get checked out by a neurologist or at the very least have a brain scan run or MRI.

    To me it sounds like you are an Alpha that is on the verge of evolving.

    YES! humanity evolves just get over it we may have been created but we have also evolved since then. Religious people please before you flood my with E-mails read about Dr. Gerald Schroders work and do try to understand what Charles Darwin really said in “Origin of Species” and it was written well over 100 years ago.

  • try activating your crown chakra to release the pressure

    also some people when receiving 5th dimensional frequencies they get those same symptoms.

  • these things sound like a symptom of something. I don’t believe your third eye will literally activate like that, but I would suggest seeing a doctor.

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