HomeDiscussion Forumwill anyone help me summon a succubus?

will anyone help me summon a succubus?

instructions or ideas


  1. I will give you a step by step guide.
    a) go to local dance club
    b) flash large amounts of fund
    c) select from the vicious wenches that come up to you the most attractive and manipulative, chances are you got you a succubus

  2. Ah! the Wiccan Witch Law Squad is back.
    Do you know what a succubus IS? Not exactly a great idea. Kind of like asking to be given a life-threatening STD.

  3. Before you “summon” a succubus you should have a real idea of what you’re summoning and why, I also wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not a Satanist.
    Here are links regarding them and demon’s, you should read both of them before you go ahead and try anything:
    Demon’s in general:
    They are not toy’s and they shouldn’t be messed around with, if you choose to do this anyway whatever happens will be your fault and yours alone.

  4. Why would you even think about summoning a succubus?….. Do you have even the slightest idea of what could happen to you by you inviting a demon into your life………….

    i’m not wiccan or part of some group and know lots of rules or instructions or whatever.
    i’m pretty normal and just read about that stuff and other folklore stuff on wikipedia
    and even i know it’s not a great idea
    do you have any knowledge of what is a succubus??
    it’s like a vampire demon of some sort
    why the hell do you want that?? u think it’ll be cool to see one or whatever?? hahah
    no dude, just’ don’t do that
    you should try reading about them on wikipedia, seriously, bad idea.


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