Will anyone help me get a succubus to visit me?





I really need to have a relationship with a succubus. I need to have a succubus come and visit me every single night for the rest of time. I strongly believe in angels and demons and that succubi exist. I have tried the summons ritual several times and I have prayed to Satan all with no success. Everyone tells me that the succubus will probably kill me and steel my soul. I say, “So, I don’t care. I just want to have a relationship with a succubus.” Does anyone know anything that can help me? Can anyone do something to help me? Any help in achieving my goal will be appreciated.
Please help in anyway. I really, really need for this to happen to me.
I know exactly what I’m asking for and that is what makes me want it even more
You say I don’t really want a succubus to visit me. You don’t know me then. That is exactly what I want more than anything in the world, even life
I am 39 years old and have wanted a succubus since I was 13, so for about 26 years.


  1. You may think you want a succubus to visit you but, you really don’t! Succubi are demons who drain your life force through sexual contact. Is it really worth dieing just to get laid once? Don’t try and mess with forces that are beyond your grasp of understanding.

  2. You want to be drained of all your life force by the opposite sex?
    Ah, my young friend. Just get married!
    Kind of amazed no one’s made that joke yet. Seriously though, you don’t want to try and summon a succubus. Even if it was possible, and I don’t know it is, you’d die and go to Hell. And it wouldn’t be your Succubus sharing your bed down there, you know.

  3. WTF? How long have you wanted to have a relationship with a succubus? Why do you want a relationship with a succubi? How old are you? Is a normal girl not crazy enough for you?

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