Will anyone explain this quote by Lao Tzu?





please and thank you. When I let go of what I am , I become what I might be.
the surface meaning is clear… anyone offering some analysis thank you very much


  1. When I let go of what I am , I become what I might be.
    How I see it,
    From the moment we are born our mind is being conditioned (by family, friends, teachers, everyone we meet and everything happening to us). As a consequence we start seeing the world through our own ?colored glasses?. We form an opinion about everything, not just about what?s happening around us, but also about ourselves. We believe we know ourselves. The ?I am? here is his conditioned belief about himself. If he can let that go by seeing through every conditioned belief he?s currently holding (understanding its irrelevance and how it influences the way he sees the world and himself) then he will not be limited anymore by his own beliefs. He will be free and will step by step become his real self, which is loving and pure. He will take off his colored glasses and see truth. The world will change and so will he.
    But.. like I said, he has to put in the effort. Now, what I think is nice about the quote is that the “let go” which we normally interpret as passive, should be actively sought, and the “become” which we normally work hard for, to become something, he says we don’t have to worry about, it will happen automatically. Which I believe is true. All humans are beautiful inside. All.

  2. Well Jimmy that question has a simple answer. Bears. Lao Tzu was obviously a bear in his past life. when he says letting go of what i am. he means letting go of who he is and becoming a bear again.
    You see Jimmy there once was a bear named Brock
    He lived under a rock
    under his rock, he kept a sock filled with locks.
    Brock’s locks that were kept in his sock under his rock blocked a clock.
    the clock was blocked in his sock filled with locks under his rock because it could shock.
    Brock used the clock to shock the flock of peacock off his rock.
    it makes perfect sense doesn’t it Jimmy?
    now that i have perfectly explained the first part on to part two
    when Lao Tzu said “I become what I might be.” he meant that he wasnt positive what would happen once he loses his human self
    You see Jimmy, there once was a bear named Jake
    He liked to eat steak and cake, a steak cake if you will.
    anyways to test to see if this steak cake was a fake he poked it with a rake, and if it was a fake he would make it shake and bake. A steak cake shake and bake. he would eat his steak cake shake and bake in a lake. he hoped that the steak cake shake and bake wouldnt break into the lake thus creating a lake filled with fake steak cake shake and bake.
    once again that analogy works perfectly with the answer i gave you.
    now on to the third and final part. When Lao Tzu said ” The surface meaning is clear” he meant that once he was reunited with his inner bear he could finally be cool and not lame.
    Ok Jimmy. There once was a girl named Clair.
    Clair was a bear who didnt care to share her hair.
    Clair loved her hair and wouldnt dare share it with any other bear.
    Another bear would stare at her hair but wouldnt dare ask to share.
    One day, Clair fell from her chair onto a care pear which cut her hair forcing her to share with the other bear.
    Always share with your friends Jimmy. thats the real moral of the quote by Lao Tzu Glad to help buddy

  3. You become what you think. Think differently and you will be different. Just let go what you “think” you was with no regret.

  4. Change is very very difficult. One idea of somebody who’s “crazy” is that he’s just crazy…. but another idea is that he’s trying to change – or something in him is trying to change. He has to get “crazy” to change – he has to be “out of his mind” – because to become what you might be, is to be “out of your mind” – certainly “outside of what your mind has always been”.
    This you might see with young people going through a psycho-neurosis. They appear to be clutching at sanity. They themselves might wish to “get back to where they were ” – get back to “what I am”. But they are being swept along on a journey to “what I might be”. Things, thoughts, motives, ideas which are yet unborn seethe in their minds.
    It’s all a very interesting idea. Imagine a mind which is not yours… you can’t do that. But you must if you ever wish to change to what you might be.

  5. Self concepts are all illusions, but we must see through them as such before we let them go. Eventually they will all be gone and we will no longer hold self-concepts but be Self.
    What might be is, when all the letting go is done.

  6. We place restrictions on ourselves about what we think and what we can and should be. If we step back from what is expected and really look at ourselves, it becomes obvious that we can be more. Kinda like looking at a mosaic. Up close you may think you see something, but when you step back and let go of your reservations and a priori mentality, you’re better able to see what potential there is inside of you.

  7. Well,
    If you are an insecure little shrimp simplly because that is your apparent role in your school or society in general, then screw your school or society. x)
    If you don’t feel obliged to maintain a reputation or status, then you may start anew. 🙂

  8. If you loose control over your life, you are leaving it up to the universe to decide your fate, it can be good or bad.

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