HomeDiscussion ForumWill a rose quartz work in getting someone back? Any successful stories?

Will a rose quartz work in getting someone back? Any successful stories?

I am looking for serious answers.
I don’t want any sarcasm. I just want successful stories.


  1. Only if they have some strange attraction to rose quartz and you’re the only source of it.
    Rose quartz, quartz by any other name, or any other rock, or mineral in stone form will not help you with any relationship or health problems with one exception…..men who buy their fiancees large diamond engagement rings temporarily increase the level of happiness of their relationship.
    If someone left you, they did so because of problems that arose in the relationship, or they decided you two weren’t compatible.

  2. Sorry but no. A crystal does not have the properties to do such things, only you can do that. You could wear a peice of rose quartz to increase your general attractiveness and confidence in love, but that’s about it. Besides, it’s wrong to try and change someone’s will. If they want to get back with you they will. Good luck.

  3. sorry im not being sarcastic but rose quartz only magnifies love ar attracts it but you really shouldn’t mess with someones free will think about it how would you feel. think about praying for love to enter your life over a piece of rose quartz and repeating the prayer every night at the same time and carrying the quartz wherever you go until love enters your life then put the quartz in the back of a drawer or out of site until ur ready for the love to leave then cast the quartz into a body of running water such as a stream or river.

  4. Okay, you’ll get a serious answer just read:
    Rose quartz is good for relationships, but I would suggest adding amethyst to your collection. It will also include protection from ever letting anything split the lovers apart.

  5. i have some stuff i could share with you, i havent tried it out as of yet, but i am planning to soon…it could work you never know….(i have like 2 or 3 different spells if you’d like)


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