Wiccans/Witches- Is this true? Book Of Shadows…?

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I was reading questions about the religion and some user posted. I’m not wiccan. Just curious.
“You must be 18 to be recognized as a wiccan by a coven. Since you have not been initiated and have not taken the Oath, you are not a wiccan and know nothing of the religion, because all information is possessed in a single hard copy of the Book of Shadows by the coven, and no information is to passed to non-initiates. Nothing you have read online is true, as the rules forbid the Book of Shadow to be reproduced and displayed in a way that non-initiates would be privy to it. Please take the door on your left marked ”
“To add to that, considering Wicca is a British Tradition, you wouldn’t be worshiping Greek Deities as YOUR Lord and Lady.”

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Since when does that stuff exist


Wow…just wow.
Just because someone’s not initiated into a coven does NOT mean they’re not Wiccan. There are THOUSANDS of Wiccan denominations out there, and even more Solitary practitioners, so no one can convince me otherwise that someone who is not initiated into a coven is not a Wiccan. That’s just a full load of bs right there.
There is also no such thing as a hard copy of a Book of Shadows that is universally followed. The Book of Shadows is a Witches work book. It’s not a set of rules set in stone. Each book is different; no two are the same…even ones copied from covens contain added materials from the books owner.
I wouldn’t follow someone who is so closed-off, as they only service to shut out people rather than help anyone, and that puts a downer on a religion that prides itself on being open.

I Shall Be That I Shall Be

So you say Mother earth will not let others know the truths that are inside. I agree most on the internet is wrong but not all Wiccan follow what you said either.


Has anyone actually seen this book?
Also, modern Wicca pretty much began with The Witch-Cult in Western Europe (1921) by Margaret Alice Murray. She claims that the witches of Western Europe were actually maintaining a pagan religion that dated back to Neolithic times. Her research focus is Britain, but her conclusions are dubious. This book is a difficult read (I have it), but I can recommend read the commentary on it (found all over the web). Might want to also look at ‘Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America’ by Margot Adler

Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!

Is all of that from one person? It starts of slightly confused but largely true, devolves into conservative traditionalism, and ends with completely nonsense.
Covens generally do not take people under the age of 18, and I strongly urge minors to stay away from any coven that would. However,you do not need to be initiated by a coven to be “Wiccan.” That position is held by some Traditionalists, but not nearly all of them, and it hasn’t been the functional definition of Wicca for decades. Generally speaking, you can’t be a Traditional Wiccan without initiation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an Eclectic Wiccan.
Moreover, while each Tradition has it’s own BoS, they aren’t the same BoS. Thus, different traditions. There is no single Wiccan BoS. And that certainly doesn’t stop an Eclectic from having their own personal BoS.
Tons of information has been passed to non-initiates over the years, such as through publications. Heck, in one of Doreen Valiente’s books, she flat out says she’s writing the book because if non-initiates are going to be practicing Wicca, they should at least get some information right.
Early writings tend to mention four deity names, if they mention names at all: Diana (Roman), Aradia (supposedly Italian), Pan (Greek) and Cernunnos (Gaulish). So ROFL at the idea of needing British deities! Besides, while yes, Wicca is British, it is MODERN British. Why would that require the religion to call upon only ancient British deities? Total logic fail.


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