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Wiccans/Pagans only: What happens if two people cast spells for the opposite goals?

by johndeand:

in these examples, there are two witches (mary and john) and their acquaintance george

example: if mary casts a spell for rain but john casts a spell for sun, then what happens?

another example: if mary casts a healing spell on george, but john puts a curse of bad health on george, what happens?

yet another: if mary casts a spell to find a job but john puts a curse on mary to prevent her from finding a job, what happens?

it doesn’t have to necessarily involve a good energy vs. bad energy…. like in the first example, both spells involve good energy but are cast with opposite goals. so what happens?

i’ve been wondering about this lately =]
good answers all three of you!! and each answers kind of a different “aspect” of the craft and its rules… thanks =)

Answer by Astral
Hmm, good question. I would have to say that is where God(s) would intervene. And always, I do believe a person’s individual will (i.e. george) is more important than spells any day. You can do healing spells all day, but if a person does not want to get better, it will not make a difference.