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wiccans/pagans only please!?

what kind of things do you put in your “Book of Shadows” i’m starting one but i’m having some trouble with it puting the first things in is hard, can you help.
blessed be


  • I really don’t have a specific book. I have all my rituals on my computer because I modify them every time I do them.
    I have a friend who has a pile of spiral bound notebooks going back about 20 years where she copies EVERYTHING she likes, by hand, out of books. Her rituals consist of her flipping between books and pages trying to find everything and squinting at her handwriting. I like my way better.
    Basically you put in rituals, spells, invocations, and any thoughts regarding those things. I’ve seem some elaborate ones that were illustrated, with pasted-in pictures or drawn ones. It’s YOUR book, do what YOU want.

  • Well, mine is currently saved on a 1gb flash drive (no I don’t think it has to be in book form, besides the fact that a flash drive is lighter and saves trees)
    Put whatever you come up with. Whatever you think you might need. Spells you’ve written, songs, herbal remedies, research you’ve done, ect. Put whatever you want.

  • Here’s how I do it — feel free to grab whatever sounds like a good idea.
    – Write down all personal experience
    – Take notes from all research.
    – Organize your notes.
    – Transcribe these notes into word documents.
    – Reorganize until it’s just right.
    – Use those notes to write the next bit of your BOS

    I have six books to my grimoire, but you may organize your BOS however you see fit.
    – Voluntas – Meditations, trancework and nonritualized magic
    – Incantatus – Rituals to raise or direct spiritual energy
    – Invocatio – Rituals to conjure spiritual beings
    – Missa – Religious/spiritual experiences and/or ceremonies
    – Spiritus – A list of entities in encyclopedic form.
    – Kalendarium – Holidays and other special times.

  • A Book of Shadows is only a journal. You put into it what you find interesting, things you want to remember or study later. It’s a rather personal thing, like a diary.

  • A lot of different stuff.

    Let’s see flipping pages:

    Songs I write to the God and Goddess
    Invocations and poetry I’ve written.
    Spiritual journal notes.
    Dream records when they seem relevant.
    Tarot spreads.
    Incense recipes
    Bread recipes
    Oh looks some dried herb clippings from my garden. mmmmm Sage!!!

    You get the idea.

    Blessed Be back at ya!!!


  • my book of shadows is full of spells and recipes and articles and a few poems. everything to please the goddess and god.
    blessed be!

  • what I do is put any spells I have made and what happens.
    I write down everything like how i felt, what i think it meant and later on write down my evaluation.
    I also have a section where I write my dreams
    Also what I am planning to do, the moons position, the month, date etc….
    I have my book divided so I can also write what I need to plant in my garden and what I already have planted and an inventory of all my tools.
    But you do what you need, everyone has his own way so good luck to you

  • Most Pagans and Wiccans usually just keep a record of their rituals, spells, and personal recollections/dreams/insights in theirs. Least that’s what I did back when I was Wiccan. I still keep a magic journal for my Seidrwork. I know it’s not a BoS, but it could be considered the same way…I write down all my rituaols, spellwork, and meditation/trancework in it.

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  • You can put anything in your BOS. It is your personal book. You can have copies of spells, poems or whatever. I have a list of stones and uses for them, as well as herb and their uses. Just put what you want in there.


  • The first thing I put in mine was a ritual that I did that got modified “on the fly” and I didn’t want to forget what was said or what happened. I also put in meditations, Tarot readings, rituals, spells, correspondence lists, etc.

    Others start their BoS with a meaningful poem, the Rede, or something that strikes their fancy. Others (especially if they have kids and think they may be followed on their Path) have started theris with a little information about their path or themselves.

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