Wiccans/Pagans: Help interpreting images i saw while scrying?

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I made my own scrying mirror last fall (it’s about four by six inches, rectangular) and i’ve only scried about three times since then… last night i was basically just focusing on my future with someone i’m rather close to (i was in a heavy trance), and i saw these images one after another (one would fade in and fade out, then another would fade into view etc): a blank eye, then two seeds in the ground, then an explosion like from the impact of a meteorite. what do you think it means? this is my first real success with scrying… before i have seen rather vague images, but these were quite distinct.
prone frequently: what…?
erin: thanks for the advice! i kind of figured it would end up kind of like dream interpretation: only the dreamer can accurately interpret the images. i felt like the eye was “signaling” that the images after it would be divinatory, the seeds calmed me and reminded me of children, and the explosion filled me with dread but also like i was accepting it as it was… you know what i mean? thanks for the advice though… i will meditate on the symbols i saw. =)
gaby: scrying is when someone gazes into a black mirror, flame, ink-filled basin of water etc while in a light or heavy trance to divine the future, see the present, or review the past. nostradamus and the famous sorcerer john dee used scrying to divine the future.
patrick: there is no rule anywhere about not being allowed to divine one’s own future.
gianni: thanks it was kind of fun to make lol… i guess it was kind of between a light trance and a heavy trance. if it were a heavy trance idk if i would have had my eyes open. thanks for the advice =D

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Prone Frequently

The Reede is mutually contradictory. Given that interpretation on that foundation is going to be tricky at best.

Gaby S

i would help but idk wat scrying is!!! sry and good luckQ!


More importantly, what did you feel with these images? You were the one who did the scrying. The images are meant for your interpretation. Anyone else could come up with different meanings than what is meant from yours. Take some time, meditate on the images. Try to recall what you felt, or what your instinct was telling you when you saw them. Give it enough time and you’ll be able to determine the meaning.

Patrick W

First, U better get Ur motivation for this kind of experiments right :
to know the future or upgrade Ur intelligence or wisdom to help people generally, not just for a selfish goal.
Then U cannot go wrong . Be careful.


There are generalities associated to images but in fact, only you can correctly interpret what you see and feel while scrying. We may both see a horse for instance, but it’s meaning could be entirely different to each of us. Scrying takes practice and the more you do it, the more images that come forth, the “easier” they will be to decipher. And. I have never gone into a heavy trance. That would seem to be counter productive. Just keep your eyes “soft” and let the images flow. Sometimes you’ll pick up the significance immediately. (Congrats on making your own mirror, btw)

Priestess Jean

The eye sees that the 2 seeds (you and friend)
will grow together, and then boom… hot sex !


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