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Wiccans/Pagans, does adding a fragrance to a candle take away its effect?

by Prince le0 (Celtic Latino Returns)):

This question is primarily for Pagans/Wiccans or at least people with spiritual beliefs. I wanted to use a candle for healing or meditation in general, does adding a fragrance enhance or decrease its effect?

Thing is I’m hand-making the candles for better effect and so it has my energy. The kit I bought comes with a vanilla fragrance I can add (which, by the way, is one of my favorite scents) if I so wish.

So does it really matter if I add the fragrance or not? And is vanilla generally helpful or not as useful?

Answer by witchymel8
Vanilla is my favorite scent! 😀 No, adding a scent can actually empower a candle.

Here’s a nice site:


It is a matter of opinion, some people say that unless a fragrance is pure, it doesn’t work and might dilute the energy but I have found that mind over matter is a very powerful thing. It is the intention that is most important.


Excerpt from this site:

– VANILLA – Associated with passion, money, and luck, Vanilla is one of the world’s most popular fragrances. Excellent when used alone or in combination with other ingredients. As you might suspect, Vanilla is the main ingredient in Van Van oil. Use with yellow, green, red, or pink candles.

The fact that you are hand making the candles will make them super powerful. The fact that Vanilla is one of your favorite scents also creates more energy.

Happy candle making! 🙂