wiccans: Would you buy it?

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I wasnt sure where else to ask this but I’m thinking of writing a wiccan cookbook with real medieval recipes.. didnt want to waste my time unless I thought people might be interested.
edit: if i wrote by hand in nice writing in a book of shadows would that make it worth more and for how much on ebay? (say:200-300 pages)

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I don’t like cooking that much, so I wouldn’t buy it, but other people might, and not just Wiccans. You could market it to the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-creation group.
I’m not sure if handwriting it would add to the appeal or not.

Star Cherub

You should pitch your idea to several publishing companies, see what they think. Write letters to some big names in Wicca, but ones that don’t write books (they might be “inspired” to come up with the same idea), and ask them.
I wouldn’t buy it if it was a wiccan cookbook, because when do religions have cookbooks? Generic medieval pagan, sure, but wiccan is sort of new from what I’ve read, so it doesn’t quite fit.


Hi I agree with star cherub about “wiccan” recipes….maybe more along the lines of “pagan”. and for the same reason
Lots of research, but sounds like it would be interesting cookbook to own. Yes, I would buy.
As far as handwritten, I am not so sure, but again would be cool. Maybe you could pick a nice old time font
well good luck!


No sorry but i wouldn’t… medieval recipes doesn’t make it wiccan to me.
maybe recipes that would be good for certain sabbats instead but not a general cookbook no.
and to the second bit no i don’t think it would… that seems a bit like you are trying to hard by putting it in a book of shadows and trying way to hard to make it wiccan. it would be better to have its own purpose designed cover
honestly on ebay if i saw that i would not pay more then 20 ($AUS for it) cause in a book of shadows sounds a bit tacky honestly. i have seen some tacky pagan.wiccan stuff on ebay and this sounds as if it would fit right in
Sorry but that’s what i think
edit good point the answer below me to go back to medieval times it would have to be a a pagan cookbook not Wiccan


Medieval recipies are already out there and being bought by people in the SCA and living history groups.
I think it would depend on how many people still cook from scratch (not many lately). I would not hand write it, it would be too hard to read. And you couldn’t call it a book of shadows, if it’s all recipies. A book of shadows is a private journal of your notes on your nature learning, your spells, your growing skills in Wicca. It’s not meant to be seen by anyone but you.


they already have recipes.
Try a vampire cookbook, that will sell, people are fricking vampire crazy here

Crystal clear

No, I wouldn’t.
I would be more apt to buy a Wiccan cookbook that has recipes arranged by Sabbats – some good appetizer, meal, dessert, and beverage recipe ideas that attune to each Sabbat.
Medieval recipes may be of more interest to those who are really into RenaissFa iresaires – which may include some Wiccans. But Renn Faires aren’t Wiccan/Pagan only events.
Writing by hand? Depends on how your handwriting is. For me, it would be more practical to have a cookbook that is clearly printed, and the pages aren’t regular paper, but laminated or coated paper that wouldn’t be ruined if it got a little splash of something on it – that way I can prop it up in a book stand on my counter in order to follow the recipe as I’m preparing it.


yes, sounds like a nice idea.


Why would being Wiccan make me want to eat medieval recipes? We’re a 20th century religion, not the SCA. (re-enactment folks, if you’re not familiar)
If you want to make a cookbook of medieval recipes, just market it as what it is. Trying to associate it with Wicca is tacky commercialism.
I certainly would *not* pay more for a handwritten version. And a Book of Shadows is defined by what’s inside of it, not the physical book you wrote in. If a book is full of recipes, its a cookbook. If it has information on Wicca, it’s a Book of Shadows. If it has information on car repair, its a manual.


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