Wiccans.. removing negative energy?

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I have a question. Today, a Wiccan friend of mine did this thing where she pulled negative energy from my arm and hand. While doing so, she mentioned a specific “knot” in my hand that was “talking” about my womb. she said something about that specific knot usually relating to a woman’s monthly cycle, or ovulating, but that it was much bigger and that i have a lot of “stress” in my womb.
just wondering, could this mean i’m pregnant? or something different?

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I’d say it sounds more like you might have some sort of disease — perhaps ovarian cysts?
It couldn’t hurt to get it checked out.

Roman Soldier

A pregnancy test could answer your question better then any of us.
Anyway I don’t believe in magic, and in turn the whole Wiccan religion, so I think what your friend told you is a bunch of crock so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Puss in Boots

It’s nice that your friend could help you that way. Very few witches are prepared to perform spells and rites or blessings on their friends because of the closeness and emotions involved.
A knot could mean that you have a ovarian cyst, or endiometriosis or you could just have ovulation problems, or a bad period coming up. Try not to stress more about it.
You know your body – so if something feels wrong, see your doctor and ask for an ultrasound.


stress is not usually a sign of something as good as pregenancy. i would go to a doctor just to be safe.


Wiccans are often very adept holistic healers. Psychic people are drawn to Wicca. It is very possible that your friend is correct regarding your health. I would agree with many of the answers you received regarding cysts or endometriosis. Definitely worth a trip to the doctor. You are lucky to have a Wiccan friend willing to share so much with you.


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